The Instagram Bullet, Bit.

From the impressive @13thWitness’ Instagram feed

I stayed away, i really did. I was derisive of the ‘hipster’ image associated with it . I didn’t want to be identified as one. Why would i use my perfectly good camera to take perfectly good pictures and then make them look like they were shot with my uncle’s old Pentax and processed with substandard chemicals?

Plus everyone’s doing the sepia toned doctored picture thing anyway.

But what led to instagram was more of a need. My phone started accumulating all these quirky pictures from when i’d just take it out and snap something interesting, the times when you can’t just go away for a minute to try and find a dslr. The kind of pictures you never get a chance to shoot when you’re all set up with some equipment.

How to share them? Flickr is a little too cumbersome, twitter isn’t designed for pictures. But Instagram is, and after checking it out, i realized a lot of people i knew were on it. Win. I started off pledging not to use any filters. Then shamelessly gave in.

And it’s great. I can share pictures and look at pictures. And since they’re all completely random and spur of the moment, there’s always something unique. The whole instagram thing is totes awes yo.

Find me @colombedouin



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