Abans Massage Chair: A Review

Pictured is a massage chair from Abans. It’s made in China, costs about a lakh and comes with a one year warranty sans the grinning analyst. Work just bought one for us to relax on and having tried it twice, i kind of like it.

Of course, it’s never going to replace an actual masseur/masseuse. It doesn’t really help much in the leg area for instance. The air bags on the leg extensions that you see only squeeze your legs every second or so (at highest intensity) and is not going to really do any damage to all those knots that you didn’t even know you had.

But the upper body area is different. There are thick finger like objects under the surface that move up and down, they can either simply press or knead, or do something in between that is called a ‘flap’ (go figure). It feels like a giant hand massive enough to pinch your back between its fingers. The chair has three intensity levels, but the lower two are are more suited for little girls, and Jerry.

Disappointingly the head gets no treatment, the neck treatment is mostly cursory and doesn’t quite hit the spot, the shoulders and back however feel great after about fifteen minutes, and that is enough.

Would I pay a lakh for it? I wouldn’t have the disposable income. But i suppose it makes sense for a company to do so. Something to suggest at the next team meeting?

  1. Jerry said:

    I think you’ve forgotten which one of us was bundled into the “little girls” category recently. *cough*arm-wrestling*cough*

    • Whacko said:

      arm wrestling with the terminator dressed like a little girl is still arm wrestling with the terminator

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