Unawatuna Isn’t Broken

Messed up Una beach, pic by Indi

Indi went down to Una last night to check out the destruction down there. He says things aren’t that bad. Some illegal obstructive constructions on the beach have been demolished but the actual hotels haven’t been touched. The beach is a mess though, and the season is just starting. Apparently things look like another tsunami hit the place:

..Tourists are there now and it looks like tsunami again – though parts of the beach are fine…They could have done this off-season, and they should have taken the time to move the rubble. Because clearing structures to preserve the environment and, in the process, destroying the environment is not what I would call a win. They still have a few days to make it not a fail.

The last time i went to Una was over an year ago. There were some parts of the beach that were pretty unpleasant. It’s good of these places have been cleared up. So far there is no indication of locals being kicked out of their business. sorry for the drama.

Things haven’t been as sweet in other parts of the country. Last year in Mirissa, we found that big hotels had virtually displaced many locals from the beach. In Passikuda the Man moved in so fast that the tired locals, just recovering from the war, didn’t even have the time to realize what they were losing.

  1. Mmm. Maybe it isn’t as bad as you thought it would be, but I still think there are other, more intelligent ways to getting a job done than just bulldozing it anyway, eh?

    • Whacko said:

      yeah, a stone headed approach will only yield stone headed results

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