Winning A Galaxy Tab from Dialog

I won a Galaxy Tab from Dialog recently. Ever since i used a friend’s ipad briefly i was playing with the idea of buying a tab. not only because i’m a bit of a gadget freak, but also because i thought it was an easy, portable computing option.

So what happens just when i’m contemplating this is a competition on Foursquare giving away a Galaxy tab to the winner, God is great. Dialog was generous with the prizes, also giving away a Galaxy S2 to the runner up.

Whet they didn’t do so well was promoting the competition, and when i joined with only about 12 days to go (it ran for a month), i easily managed to take the lead. Only about four people were competing seriously towards the end. The guys at Dialog, Milinda and the team, want to do it again, and next time they promise it will be much more competitive.

Doing the competition was roller-coaster, and i think i went a little militant and overboard. Soon it wasn’t just about winning that tab, it was about kicking ass. And kick ass i did, but looking back i think i was a little scary. Yasir came in second. He was planning on all along. I know Yasir from way back and he is very crafty,  so i was extra wary of him. In vain though, some collusion would have solved both our problems.

We basically had to become the mayor of as many Dialog star points locations as possible, and then make a star points transaction there. Doing it is like taking an in depth course in the inner workings of Foursquare; loopholes, do’s and don’ts and strategy-to-confuse-your-enemy. Yes ‘enemy’, that’s how competitive i got. I’ve barely touched foursquare since though, the colors make me puke.

Next time i hope there are more participants, and loopholes like remote check-ins are covered. They only advertised on twitter, so only got people who 1. were on twitter 2. were also on foursquare 3. had a smartphone.  Wider advertising on FB would have helped. I can hardly complain though, the competition was really fun, and the prizes were boombastic. Kudos.

The pad and i are getting along fine, insha Allah i will put up a review soon. But for now i’m enjoying browsing on it and even manage to blog from it. On the hunt for a better MS office app though. The whole thing is essentially like a bigger version of a Galaxy S2.

  1. Chavie said:

    Congratulations, again! 😀 Doesn’t Android have a Libre Office port? :/ And LOL at the foursquare puking. :’)

  2. b said:

    Congrats! hopefully you’ll be able to upgrade to Ice cream sandwich soon, I hear honeycomb was rushed through and not as stable as it could be.

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