Facebook i want to disconnect

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One day insha Allah when my wanderlust is sated, maybe i’ll look back at all the naivity posturing as intellect that so preoccupied my young life. But then I am young now, and perhaps these statements are drenched in naivity themselves and are only posturing as thoughts born from intellect so that my illusions can remain intact.

Yes i am pretentious. And nowhere is my pretentiousness exemplified more than on Facebook. Do they still have facebook in the distant future? It’s probably taken over the world now. All of science fiction’s worst nightmares realized. A zombified civilization, walking in a land of dreams, dreams built up in binary code and see double plus and java script. And somewhere a scattered group of Imams preaching against the dangers of Facebook.

We do so many things that we think we’ll never do. Like get a pot belly. How many 50 year olds have pot bellies? nearly all. Yet how many 20 year olds imagine themselves with pot bellies at fifty? probably zero. Probably not even the few 20 year olds with pot bellies imagine themselves with pot bellies when they are fifty. But I am rambling again.

So Facebook, i want to disconnect. It is oppressing me in the worst kind of way, by making me oppress myself.

It is like an online cocktail party, you are there to be seen. Its useful purposes get dwarfed by a conniving egoistic mania that slowly encroaches upon your good intentions to simply ‘communicate and stay in touch’. It is like a ruthless drug that invades the bored mind, captures it, trusses it up and then repeatedly violates it with inane thoughts and obsessive compulsive urges to constantly page-refresh.

I want out. But its not that simple. Facebook, the conniving computer virus, has now created social dependencies.

  1. Himal Kotelawala said:

    Halik, please. Save us your pseudo-intellectual bullshit. You will never leave Facebook. That monster of an attention-whore inside you won’t let you.

    • Whacko said:

      This is a strong point that you raise!

  2. gee said:

    Evil can address you in many ways. i agree on this post by every possible snaky way as facebook is. so to avoid the poison, i occasionally vanish by the liberal button that is deactivation from the social media trying to gym the life without facebook’s constant touch. its becoming a pretty healthy exercise. however its the ‘stay in touch’ beads you ultimately sweat. terrible.

    thank God the face book stops with the world.


    don’t listen to cavemen. we have followed them enough.

  3. Rob McGonigal said:

    I have been trying for three days to disconnect from Facebook…. Do I have to go
    to AOL or Yahoo to get off this Garbage ???

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