Hungry Like The Wolf In Pettah


This Duran Duran video was shot in Pettah. I like the song and call me a noob but i just saw the video thanks to Raisa. If the eighties rock. Pettah in the eighties rocks more. And Pettah in a Duran Duran video is probably the only thing that rocks even more.

The tea shop has a snake charmer sitting on a table and a gypsy with a monkey walking around entertaining guests. This is possibly apocryphal. I won’t know for sure until i ask one of my uncles. The cops wear tight khakis and the roads are full of nuns, heck even the tea shops. Where’d they all go?

The video was ostensibly shot in the jungles of Sri Lanka but the jungle bits are mostly mangrove swamps and a beautifully dubious bit in what must be Anuradhapura. But Pettah is jungle enough if you ask me. This was after the Temple of Doom was shot here obviously before the war. Sri Lanka really had something going there. This post is dedicated to Jerry, who likes Duran Duran and Pettah and finally managed to turn twenty.

The tea shop in the video is a favorite of backpackers, i’m told. worth checking out.

  1. Chavie said:

    Nice little way of wishing him. 😉 Happy birthday Jerry!

    • Whacko said:

      thank you, not bad for an afterthought eh 😛

  2. Jerry said:

    Since when do I like Duran Duran? I just find it amusing that they sound like Duron /geekjoke

    But thanks, and I’m glad you think I look youthful enough for 20!

    • Whacko said:

      u don’t like duran duran? now you’re slightly less cool

  3. Angel said:

    O_o at the nuns…. I thought the nuns in SL always wore the pale blue/grey habit!

    • Whacko said:

      lol yeah, and they all look like catwalk models

  4. Their video for Save A Prayer was also filmed in Sri Lanka. Film locations included Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa; lots of beach shots, boats, sunset, waterfalls, snake charmers and kids running around.

    • Save a Prayer is an amazing song and the video is simply awesome with all the wonderful scenery and color contrasts….

      haha the first time i figured Hungry Like a Wolf was shot in Sri Lanka was when i was watching this ages ago on TNL. Notice the the sinhala fonts at 1.25?? lol

    • Whacko said:

      crap! i actually watched Save a Prayer distractedly before but never noticed!

      RSZ- Dude we were bouncing around the idea of a remake of that video.. for the heck of it. what do you think?

      • adooo pretty good idea…would be awesome actually….obviously need to add the aspect of changed pettah?

      • Whacko said:

        yeah. and negotiate a deal with the tea shop to break a table 🙂

  5. Jerry said:

    Just went through some of the other videos and I NEVER REALIZED THOSE WERE DURAN DURAN 😀

    So yeah, I do like em 😛

    • Whacko said:

      welcome to the eighties punk!

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