Will i vote, wont i vote, will i vote, wont i

Stick it to the uncle (Reuters)

Will i though? That’s highly doubtful. yes i know all you democracy wonks love to vote. You think voting is the highest calling of citizenship. But taking pills is not the epitome of good health, staying fit is, when the body is sick, medicines dont matter, thats not the way to solve a problem. Medicine is for people in denial.

Its funny, i can’t seem to attach so much importance to voting anymore. The medicine i think will no longer work. The body has decided where to go, its sick and the doctors can say whatever the hell they want, its gonna go on doing what its doing. It refuses to take exercise. If democracy is the darling of the modern political aesthetic, then our system is the middle aged uncle dancing the baila in microscopic strokes to a beat hidden deep in the music that only few can hear. He’s obese and happy about it, he is a fat model in a world full of anorexic teenage girls.

This system might work. Old, fat uncles are probably good at many things that teenage girls aren’t. But you can’t put the same moves on both of them. That is assuming you want to put the moves on an uncle in the first place. Right now our system is more old fat uncle than teenage girl. Are you getting this? Am i coming through here? i suppose that’s too much to ask.

But yes, it is crunch time. I was anyway planning on being out of Colombo tomorrow but that might not happen. So there is a very real possibility that i will be within the city but still missing a purple stinky pinky. Oh yes, i’m real bad.

None of the candidates have impressed me really. there’s Moragoda with all his fancy marketing, but he’s tried that before, and Colombo fell into his lap. But then all he turned out to have is good PR. How will that be different this time around? I guess we can wait and see. The UNP, what the UNP is still around?, is barely around.

Instead there are flocks and heaps and herds and masses of career politicians emerging everywhere. They’re crawling out of the wet works. Every Lani, Pani, Ravi and his sister’s estranged husband wants a piece of the cake. You can see the gleam in their eyes. The polished speeches, the rote promises. They’re playing it safe, using the same old methods to dupe the poor people, why fix something that aint broke?

So I’m inclined to suspend judgement. I won’t participate in the process because i am ambivalent. I’m the guy who will go along with what everyone else decides because i plainly can’t see a difference between any of them, and there is no color it is all only gray. So I vote for gray, this better pay.

  1. Adnan Issadeen said:

    Just in the interest of ensuring no one uses your ballot paper to stuff it in place of someone else. At least go and spoil your vote 🙂

    • Whacko said:

      well that would entail actually going! but if this does happen, it will reflect the sad state of the candidates and thereby prove my point.

  2. indi said:

    Voting is only one part of citizenship. But it is like showing up. Personally, I vote and pay my actual taxes so I can feel free to comment for the rest of the year.

    I also think that the candidates are very different, if you look at them or their policies. There’s a young software engineer running in Kotte for example. If you’re in Dehiwela-Mount it’s I think a second generation mayor against a UPFA upstart.

    • Whacko said:

      That’s great, if the candidates are good this time around, then i hope they make some changes from within the system. That’s the only way i think true change can happen. I’m a little tired of seeing the same thing happening again and again. So i’m just going to wait and hope to be proven wrong.

      And on an aside, i think not voting is just as participatory as voting, and that a good system must be able to absorb the implications of voter apathy as well. I don’t think you have to vote to be able to comment on things. And realistically speaking, most of the powerbrokers here probably don’t pay taxes.

    • Whacko said:

      Prof, first off that piece is a little biased. Lot of positives there, but very little negatives, you have not addressed for instance, the COPE report allegations and SLIC. Moragoda’s politics are sophisticated, and he seems very open at face value. The first time he contested (right when he was doing his TV show) i was impressed by his outreach. I’m not denying that he has done good things, but so have a lot of corrupt politicians, i have no reason to believe that he is the answer to all our problems.

  3. Chavie said:

    Hear hear.

    I had hopes for all the young UNPers (and some UPFAers) who got elected to parliament last time around, and they’ve all proven to be phooeys. I’ll just look away and hope for the best (yet expect the worst). Keeps you safe from heartbreak.

    Anyway, I live out of Colombo. No vote for me. 🙂

    • Whacko said:

      exactly, even the so called promising ones have most often been disappointments. sad state

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