Black Marketing World Cup Tickets, Uncool

I’d just like to say how uncool i think the black market ops on world cup tickets are. There are several cricket board employees still selling tickets at exorbitant prices on the sly. Two guys were already busted but its still going on. A friend has just bought Rs. 1000 tickets from a board employee at 5k each, for this Saturday’s SL Vs Eng quarter final.

Another guy (im not sure if he is employed by the board) is selling 50 rupee standing space only tickets for Rs 1500. There are enough people to buy these tickets, but that just means that distribution does not happen equally, and many fans will lose the opportunity of watching the matches because of a few selfish money grabbers and a corrupt and inefficient management structure in the Sri Lanka Cricket Board.

I think i know the mentality at play here. You know, hey look we’re putting so much effort and time to make the world cup work, why can’t we use the chance to make some money on the sly? Well you can’t cause its illegal, and cause you’re doing a major disservice to the Sri Lankan people.

I could wax lyrical about our heritage, about how the world cup is a chance to show what Sri Lankans are really made of, but i wont. I know there will alway be crooks. So let me just say that I hope they catch every single one of these morons and parade them down the streets before they lock them up in jail for an indefinite period of time.

  1. T said:

    hear hear.

  2. Danny said:

    Amen to that man.

    I hope that they do catch these people. But then again, there is not one just individual in the top administration at the Cricket Board so I won’t be surprised if they are encouraging this type of behaviour, let alone bring them to task.

    • Whacko said:

      oh yeah, the whole thing could be stretching right up to the top rungs. They probably know whats going on and are turning a blind eye to things, at the very least.

  3. So that’s what you’re writing about for the newspaper this weekend? 😛
    If it’s happening here, it’s probably happening in the other host countries as well. I don’t think you’ll be able to prevent it from happening but exposing the people behind it would be good for ensuring it doesn’t become rampant and accepted.

  4. Chavie said:

    And making money off world cup tickets is a once in a 20-year (or so) chance. 😉

    • Whacko said:

      @Puppeteer and Chavie – U’re both right, Bad management all round. and Yes they should have priced the tickets higher, had more online sales, lottery systems whatever to make sure that at least the revenues went to the right place. BCCSL fail.

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