Paper Obsolescence and Thoughts on Dung

Paper Love by shinymavis

Soon, paper would probably be obsolete in most of the forms it is used now. I think that’s good. Think of all the trees we’ll save.

Funny thing about that though. I never imagined how hard it would have been to predict the demise of paper. One Isaac Asimov short story i read still used calculators that spewed out typed sheets of paper in the year 2700 AD. And i can’t recall the specifics but this was after man had achieved things like comfortable deep space exploration, time travel etc.

Makes me think of all the strange things that could happen to things we take for granted. For instance, what if we discovered teleporting systems to transfer our feces to the middle of the sun? Think about it. Fifty years ago there was a guy coming along with a bucket to collect your refuse from the hole in the ground that was in a corner of your garden. Today you sit comfortably right inside your house and take the flushing mechanism for granted. Fifty years down the line, you’re blaming last night’s sushi for that particularly disturbing solar flare.

So while the life you could have led fifty years ago seems rather unappealing and icky, a space age you would look back on the toilet that flushed and loose his breakfast. And you thought the flushing toilet was the best thing since the French revolution. Shame on you.

Admittedly however, the development of the toilet is incremental. Its not a complete paradigm shift like Paper to e-ink or say VHS to DVD. Change in everyday stuff we take for granted can be the hardest to predict or just plain imagine.

  1. Chavie said:

    If we begin teleporting shit out of the Earth, we’d be breaking the nutrient cycle and in a couple of hundred years the Earth would be an infertile chunk of rock. 😯

  2. Whacko said:

    you may have a point there

  3. A meal of expired baked beans, devilled eggs and a mug of sour milk is more likely to cause that solar flare than sushi…

    • Whacko said:

      NOT if it was made from half rotten lake fish

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