Twilight Hate

Twilight haters make me think. You know the type, they take great pains to undermine the target IQ level of the franchise. Woe betide if you admit having even accidentally glimpsed the latest trailer. If you don’t trash it enthusiastically, and call Edward all sorts of names usually offensive to homosexuals, you are committing social kamikaze. Or a less dramatic version of events.

Some call Twilight ‘bad literature; but then who are they to judge what bad literature is? If a story is well written, has a tight plot and strong characters and more importantly, if millions of people buy it then what does it matter if the language isn’t refined?

The illusion of good literature i think is that it should be ‘hard to read’. If only a few among an educated elite can read and truly appreciate a book, then it is ‘good literature’. ‘Good literature’ tends to focus on books that are old or books that fall into the  ‘modern classic’ genre.

Others decry it for its portrayal of women as dependent emotionally fragile creatures. Well in that case why not have a problem with half the fairy tales they grew up with. Why not hate Snow White, The Sleeping Beauty, Rumpelstiltskin’s concubine or even Cinderella? No, the origins of Twilight hate go beyond mere social consciousness or awareness of literature.

Twilight hate is something you do to fit in with the cool kids. It’s like hating Justin Beiber when you’ve barely listened to any of his music. It puts you in a social group directly opposite to the ‘populist masses’ that consume the ‘crap’ that you think ‘unworthy of your refined taste’.

I can understand disliking it, hell i’m not its biggest fan either but i can understand people who dig it. I’ve watched the movies and i could have thought of worse ways of spending a couple of hours.

Blind hate takes many forms. And sometimes we blindly hate simply to look cool. But wait a minute, i think I’ve hit upon something that’s almost universally applicable here. Maybe all blind hate is based on irrational self defeating sentiments. Probably why it’s called….blind hate..Right.

  1. Dino said:

    Young man, having read over the above post it is clear you have not been exposed to good literature. In my day we never questioned what was good literature, rather we enjoyed all literature.
    It is clear that your love for twilight is being hidden behind this appeal to all ‘twilight haters’ to throw down the flaming torches.
    Is it possible to claim that blind hate is not an attempt to look cool or rather a method of misdirection? Possibly you claim to hate simply to hide the love?

  2. Dino said:

    In all seriousness I agree that a claim to hate something is what people do to follow the crowd. Yet is it also possible that those who try to avoid mainstream culture are creating a culture for themselves? So would it be fair to suggest that this is not blind hate but instead a separate culture emerging? For those who claim to hate popular culture they attempt to distance themselves, however in doing so they are growing in popularity. 10 years ago the backstreet boys were the Justin Beiber’s and they were considered cool now it is considered cool to trash on mainstream. In doing so have the involuntarily created a new mainstream?

    • Whacko said:

      Well first off i agree that there is no ‘good’ and ‘bad’ literature, there is just literature and then there is a market for that literature. Popularity then depends on the demand for the writing. So calling Twilight ‘bad literature’ in that sense is moot.

      As for the counterculture argument, i agree. I think maybe hate of social norms directs people to use that hate to build their own identity. And like you said, it is cyclical and pretty soon the haters may wind up being the hated. But then i think the proponents of this counter culture should look at actual reasons and consider their hate logically if they ever want to break out of the ‘pack mentality’.

      And dude, i do NOT ‘love’ Twilight 😀

  3. Gehan said:

    I think a large part of the hate stems from the female fan following and their adulation of the rather un-macho male lead.. I’ve checked out the movies too and they’re really quite bad, yet the absolute hysteria that it draws from its target audience is just weird. Another reason is that it inevitably gets compared to the harry potter franchise which has much better plot and character development and is, put simply, cooler than a glowing vampire and his forbidden lover..

    • Whacko said:

      Couldn’t that be because you’re simply not part of the target audience it is intended for? Its like a product for a very big but very distinct niche. Potter probably has more universal appeal, i’m def a fan of the books.

  4. chathuraw said:

    Oh I don’t hate Twilight. But the Twilight related jokes (mostly rather rude ones) have given me more laughs in the past couple of years than any other single subject. I like making fun of it because… well… it’s fun 😀

    And just for the record, I’ve read all four books and I think they’re crap.

    • Whacko said:

      You’ve read all four books? 😀 out of curiosity, why’d you do that after you found the first couple or so crap?

      • chathuraw said:

        Wanted to find out what actually happened at the end. And I was very bored those days.

    • Rhonda Causey said:

      I cannot get thru the first few pages of any book that I consider to be crap but yet you have gone thru 4 volumes of it. Wow.

  5. Jerry said:

    See, you’re supposed to write about how you read twilight and wished you were one of the characters etc. etc.

    THEN we’ll talk about congregating at your blog once more.

  6. Have you read the book? It’s pages and pages of Bella raving about how beautifully sculpted Edward’s toenails are, how his breath smells like potpourris and how awesomely silky his nose hairs are… Really, it gets tiresome after the first few descriptions, but she persistently carries it on to the last pages!

    If she cut down on that unnecessary rot, the book would’ve been 1/3 its thickness and saved you several precious hours of your life wasted on reading it.

    Anyone (regardless of how old they may be) who thinks Twilight is good literature has very poor standards and taste.

  7. CityGurl said:

    OMG… for a guy who introduced me to Paulo Colheo… I did not think you would go for Twilight as good literature. 😦 I do not hate it. In fact I’m swooning over Robert Pattinson 🙂 but ‘good literature’ ?! It neither has a tight plot nor strong characters. Its something loosely based on vampires, werewolves and teenage drama. It actually insults the intelligence level of a teenager.

    Well. I haven’t come across ‘blind haters’ of twilight. But then, blind hate of anything is not good.
    But then again, what is the opposite of blind hate? All kind of hatred are blind isn’t it? More or Less.

    OK my definition of good literature would be a book which, after being read, make me think wiser about things. Which would make me think more sensitively and from a new point of view. And after reading Twilight [yes I read three and half books of that series from cover to cover, just to see what is the hype about] I did not become wiser, happier [or sadder] nor any change in my thoughts. So for me, it falls under ‘bad literature’.

    This book does not shape the character of the reader. Perhaps it may distort it because it gives this false illusions. Though it is allowable in a book to create illusions, what is not allowed is the reader to go on thinking that the real world would live up to its expectations.

    Hehe 🙂 sorry about the long comment. It just shocked me to see you [of all people] taking this view.

    • Whacko said:

      hahaha perhaps you are right. But then that is still your definition of good literature no? Im not saying i consider Twilight good. But millions do people spend hours reading it, so there has to be something in there. Maybe like a friend said we’ll stick to ‘popular/unpopular’ and avoid words like ‘good/bad’ with a pole. And Paulo Coelho, i introduced you to HIM? i am truly sorry 😛

      • CityGurl said:

        😀 ok nevermind then hehe 😛

  8. Trust me when I tell you that people who have read all the books and watched the movies have all the right in the world to hate it. There comes a point when you just cant handle Edward talking about the way he sparkles and how yummy Bella smells and bella going on and on and on and on about how PERFECT he is. You can imagine my disappointment when I watched the movies and apparently the directors idea of PERFECT were those two portraying the characters. Vampires are properly portrayed in “true blood”, “Vampire diaries” not these peace loving, tree hugging, bunny eating, self destructing creatures we have been introduced to in these books.

  9. I get that maybe you were trying to say blind hate is retarded, but you sure picked the wrong platform to expand on, especially when the platform has legit faults in it 😀 I think you should have gone with Justin Bieber instead.

    …and considering the book nerd that you are, i think the real question here is ‘who’s the girl?’ 😛 Did you even read the books? most of it is nothing short of revolting. :S

  10. Whacko said:

    Jerry – Yes! then there is some light at the end of this funnel

    Meg And Dili – Well that’s my point see, you guys dislike the books because when it comes to your tastes, they are pretty unpalatable. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t millions of people out there who can find something to appreciate in them. And degrading their tastes in literature is a moral judgement that you simply dont have enough information to make. does that make sense? And no i’ve never read the books, don’t intend to either 🙂

    • CityGurl said:

      Gee… you made this post, without even reading that book????!!!

  11. The book only appeals to teenagers and women experiencing a mid-life crisis because the story revolves around a girl who thinks she isn’t anything special but is the object of affection of TWO extraordinary men.

    For a girl who is plain, awkward and clumsy she’s got TWO men of superlative handsomeness (that cannot be summed up in a few paragraphs and so necessitates lengthy and repeated descriptions to follow to the last page lest some clout of a reader indecorously forgets this vital detail), unparalleled strength and super hawt bodies, having eyes only for her… AND they fight over her!

    It’s like the ultimate (stereotypical/ unimaginative) teenage girl’s fantasy. It’s just a story… just events in which they would see themselves in Bella’s place. That’s why it’s popular.

    It falls short of ‘good literature’ because it lacks depth, strong characters and a winning plot. It’s just words filling pages to describe a popular fantasy.

    Oh and I wholly agree with CityGurl in that Stepheni Myers insults the intelligence of teenagers with her book.

    • CityGurl said:

      Spot on Puppeteer…and one more thing.. I do not think Twilight Haters are blind haters..we do not hate it on sight..we have read it, we have watched the movie and we have come to the conclusion that its not worth it. The difference between twilight haters and the haters of the other things is, millions of the world came in to the conclusion to hate twilight all at once 😀

      [one thing which makes me mad is that this book made an idol out of Edward. And what qualities does this Edward have to become an idol? Good looks? Is it only that, what it takes to be an idol? In reality Stephenie Meyers is advocating a pedophile here… the dude it like what…400 years old? and his good looks make it OK to hit on a 17 year old? 😀 ]

      • Whacko said:

        Meg and City Gurl -Putting it that way does make it sound rather disturbing. But what of the fact that millions actually like the books? Their endorsement has to count for something?

  12. -___- did you not READ my previous comment? 😛
    In brief, my comment says that Twilight is popular BECAUSE it’s a teenage girl’s ultimate FANTASY. Two hot guys madly in love with a clumsy, ordinary girl. And they fight over her. That’s all.
    It’s got nothing in terms of literature.

    Why do you think porn is popular? From what I’ve been told pornographic movies are nothing in terms of cinematography and script. But yet they’re popular, right?
    That’s the same reason why Twilight is popular.

    • CityGurl said:

      It is undeniably true that this book is popular. I wish I wrote it because I would have been vacationing in Hawaii by now 😀 However, my point is, it is NOT popular for its artistic usage of language or the rich literature. Its more like comparing pop music to baroque. While pop music is popular, its not popular for its artistic use of music. Arrgghhh… How can I get this across… lollzz.. 😀 😀 😀

  13. Scrumps said:

    I’m an avid reader. I will read anything. And I am not a teenage girl. I could be having a mid life crisis but probably not. But I like Twilight. I’m not a fan of the films but then as a reader – I rarely am. But reading is a form of escapism and whilst Twilight doesn’t do realism, it’s light and easy to read and for the audience that it’s aimed at, it relates to them very easily.

    I, for one, would much rather see on someone’s FB/Twitter/Social Network profile under the section that asks favourite books: “Twilight” as opposed to “what’s a book?!” (I’ve seen it!). A lot of young teenagers nowadays tend to view reading as something that is not cool. And whilst Twilight is no tthe best example to use in terms of increasing people’s literary knowledge, hopefully it can show that reading can be enjoyed and help people progress to onwards.

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