Market-mucking in Manning

Today i mucked about manning market. I got a rubber slipper full of dead vegetable mixed with mud for it. An official from the traders association objected to my taking pictures but what the hell right, its not like their secretly using the market as a base to pilfer uranium while they sell vegetables for a cover right?

Most of the traders are friendly when you’re not standing still. Stand still here for a second and five people yell, hiss and poke at you to move. Even when they think you’re buying stuff. They get friendly or hostile when they find you’re from a newspaper, depending on what you want from them.

The naatami’s carry sacks of vegetables for a living. They pretty much make up the logistics network here. They get around 15 rupees per sack, and the stronger ones make about Rs 1000 a day.

They have a hard time walking about the mucky earth. The traders don’t exactly make it easy for them by throwing rotting vegetables in their paths to trip them over.

Its a cacophony of noise, movement, smells and colors. It all dies down at about 9 i’m told. Probably one of the most happening places in Colombo when it’s open though.

More pics here

  1. Me-shak said:

    I pass this place everyday and I have walked across the market a few times to catch my bus. It’s probably the busiest place in Colombo I guess. The mud there with rotten vegetables and what not, is something I have not found elsewhere. Interesting place to be. To hear all the proper “Kunu Harapa” and all. Great post, super awesome pictures. Looking forward for more.


  2. Chavie said:

    Haha, I’ve detoured through the place once too. It was more of a run though, didn’t want to get bundled into a vegetable bag and sent to some remote village as farm labour. 😉

  3. sheena said:

    Sri Lanka is the most beautiful country in the world. It would be perfect if we had some honest leaders!

  4. shamly said:

    This is where Colombo s Veges are distributed so if not a Cargills customer ( Buying Veges from them I think they dont buy it from Pettha) the whole Colombo is eating rotten Veges and urine to top it off.

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