Beruwala (Pics)

Went down to Beruwala recently to follow up on a story. I spent some time around the beruwala mosque and beach.

an ice cream vendor puts a chat with a tuk tuk driver

It was especially hot in Colombo, and i was glad to get away. The breeze was fantastic and the mosque tranquil. The whole thing was rather therapeutic. I needed the open air after following a rather disturbing story. But fresh air is always welcome anyway.

boy flies  3 kites on one string

More pics here

  1. Me-shak said:

    superb pictures. Especially the 3rd one.


  2. Angel said:

    The first pic is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Chavie said:

    Awesome pictures man! Is that Lassie in the last pic? 😉

  4. Jojo said:

    Is the story about Muslim extremists killing each other in Beruwala?

    • Whacko said:

      Nah, I was looking into Quadi courts

  5. Geegee said:

    lovely. specially the last one.

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