Foundation Day (Fiction)

Lawyers burn a coffin calling for the 18th Ammendment to be put to a referendum and to not be passed as an ‘Urgent Bill’ in parliament, Sep 7, 2010. Hulftsdorp Hill, Hulftsdorp.

Click here for the story: Foundation Day

  1. Jerry said:

    The workplace stuff feels very 1984.

  2. Whacko said:

    thanks guys! And yeah. A bit Orwellian.. it crept up on me.

  3. PravNJ said:

    Hey just got around to reading this! love it. Like your take on the intelligentsia btw 😉 play down the Orwellian bits and play up the post apocalyptic feel and I’d buy your book 🙂 seriously have you considered adding more meat?

    You must be the only guy since A.C Clarke to use Sri Lankan references 😛 always makes it more engaging 🙂

  4. PravNJ said:

    “any hope he felt was equally fabricated..” Gold 🙂 lol

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