Phishing Around

Woke up at 5 am to slosh around the St John’s Fish Market today. Man i love this job. The floor is slipper deep in fish blood, dirty water and slime. People walk around in gum-boots while all i could do was feebly roll up my pants. The Smells (yes, that’s capitalized) are an acquired taste.

They are moving the fish market to a modern complex in Peliyagoda. Which is met with bemused astonishment by most of the people there. St John’s has been around for more than a century and it has a proud colonial heritage full of ice boxes, lobsters and slightly ageing prawns.

I narrowly avoided a cascading stream of diluted fish blood (they just throw it on the floor) and tried to talk to a customer. Me and the poor lady then both got nicely scolded for blocking the path. The place supports a large number of jobs and has built up scale economies like you wouldn’t believe. They are so used to doing things in a set way that they can’t imagine just up and leaving. More on that in the Sunday Leader this week.

They’ve also got a sick sense of style

pic by Indi

It’s quite a buzz. Try and go before they move. More pics here.

St Johns Fish Market
  1. Sounds cool, will look out for the article. And you’ve never been to a fish market before? 😛 They’re quite fascinating, I think.

    • Whacko said:

      Yeah iv been. But not to St. Johns. Definitely facsinating 😀 I liked the squid in black pools of ink. There were so many different sorts

  2. John said:

    Man, I came here looking for an article on phone hacking (I was surprised you were writing about it!). I’ve been here, the Smell is like a physical thing! Also any vehicles around the place pretty much get ‘whitewashed’ by the crows relieving themselves.

    Your Sunday Leader link is broken btw.

  3. sachi said:

    very nice ! 🙂 i haven’t been to St Johns either. gotta check it out.

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