Motley Crue: The Dirt

Sex, drugs and Rock and Roll was only3 words. You say it to show how cool you are, especially when you’re high,want to impress girls or both. I somehow never really fully understod what a lifestyle like that meant.

Then I read the Motley Crue biography.

(I am writing this in the back of a three wheeler on my new netbook cos im cool like that.)

Anyway I was never really even a fan of MC. They were born in the eighties, just when eveyone thought rock and roll was dead. They were responsible for a resurgence in metal. But somehow i never listened to their music. I liked other bands from the same era like Guns And Roses and Metallica but i can honestly tell u that the only thing i knew about MC before i read their book was that Tommy Lee was with Pamela Aderson, or rather what Tommy Lee was doing to Pamela Anderson. I also had an impression of thrashing rock music, lots of tattoos and bad boy reputations.

How bad i only found out after venturing into few pages of the book. Halfway into it the buggers have aleady managed to rise from unbearable suburban obscurity and shitty childhoods to exceed the roman empire in terms decadence, degradation (the self and others), and pure undiluted baddassery. Its bloody brilliant i tell you.

They consume more drugs than you or i would consume rice. Sleep with more women in more ways than you can imagine. And still manage to sell millions of albums. But the fast life eventually take its toll. And before you know it, it is epiphany time. Kids, rehab, disease, tragedy and financial woes soon overtake our heroes and they eventually come in danger of becoming washed out old men with wrinkly tattoos and messed up internal organs like most of their heroes.

Motley Crue; The Dirt is just that, full of dirt.

  1. teehee said:

    sounds interesting. where did you buy it from ?

    • Whacko said:

      actually i borrowed it from a friend. Im not sure if there will be a lot of it stocked at local bookshps though.. VYB crescat may be a good option

  2. Me-shak said:

    And you go ask a bad ass rock star and thats exactly what he would say, “Thats Rock n’ Roll” (in a baritone voice). I can’t understand why they can’t live a happy life or why they don’t want a happy life, well most of them. Seems like a good book. Should take a look. Thanks for sharing.


  3. whacko said:

    i guess happiness has different meanings for different people; maybe the reckless ‘live fast die young’ lifestyle works only if u die young.

  4. Jerry said:

    I personally do not see the appeal. But I guess some might.

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