Suicide Tourism

tourism is a good thing and has vast capacity to improve our economic lot. but if any potential boom is mismanaged then we might end up going from an economic lot to well, not a lot of economy.

Nilaveli beach in Trinco is generously polluted. Oh its not much by Colombo standards, but the signs of carelessness are all over the place. Discarded plastic bottles, bags, wrappers are all jousting around waiting to be picked up and recycled. Even Pigeon Island, a national park of sorts, has he requisite clutter denoting disrespect towards nature, despite the many park rangers mooching about.


If traffic improves the situation will worsen. I think the train services to Trinco should improve for instance, but easier access will mean more careless tourists and even more money hungry locals. They will do their bit to enjoy themselves and make more money, respectively, but they will not secure the beauty of the locality for posterity by raping mother nature.


Filling knowledge gaps are probably one way of solving this. local tourists are notorious for not giving much of a care to proper waste disposal. Maybe public promotion campaigns will help. Enforcement at the point of disposal is essential, but what would be ideally desirable is a self disciplining effect where people discipline each other with angry stares or threats of disapproving opinions if naughty acts are committed against the environment. Local stakeholders such as small scale operators in the tourism industry can b encouraged to also police conservation.

Just as importantly however, the necessary infrastructure must be provided and necessarily maintained. All this costs money, but of the government wants a steady and robust tourism industry well into the future it would do well to get itself good base for launch.

This is a beautiful country we have, it’d be nice to leave her beautiful for our children to enjoy as well. IF the radioactive nuclear waste from proposed nuclear plants doesn’t make us all impotent in the meanwhile, that is.

  1. Antiterroristas said:

    Almost an year ago, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, alias K.P, then the “provisional” head of the LTTE, announced the formation of what he described as a Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam. (

    KP appointed the then legal advisor to the LTTE, Rudrakumar Viswanathan, to head a committee set up to work out the details of this so called transnational government.

    Today, KP is enjoying caviar at the expense of the Sri Lankan government at Visumpaya, which earlier housed the current Minister of External Affairs, G.L.Peiris and before him, the former leader of the opposition and then speaker of the parliament, bon vivant Anura Bandaranaike.

    In KP´s absence, Rudrakumaran just got himself elected as the CEO of the re-branded provisional government, now called a “Transnational Constituent Assembly of Tamil Eelam”.

    The whole sordid saga of this election process, where Rudrakumaran appointed his close friend and business partner, Ramsey Clark to oversee his own election, is reported in detail ( by D.B.S Jeyraj, whose insider information provides illuminating details of the power struggle between Rudrakumaran and other LTTE factions to take control of the pot of gold KP left behind.

    What he leaves out are or course the sordid details like how Rudra appointed friends and family to all the country working groups, or how the so called Independent Election Commissioners were all former or current associated of Rudra and his cohorts. While groups opposing Rudra did manage to get at least a handful of their supporters elected, more than 85% of the members of this fake government (for a country that does not exist) are all Rudra faithfuls, simply stuffed in there to give Rudra a semblance of authority and respectability, so he can go with his hand-out to get the hand-outs from friendly governments, NGO´s and of course, the collection from the much pressed Tamil Diaspora.

    Young Obi2canibe, a student of the East Anglia University, born in Jaffna and who is proud to identify himself as from Tamil Eelam, has been good enough to give us a detailed list of those who were seeking to be elected to this fake government and those who were finally elected here:

    All of these are in one way or another connected to an ruthless terrorist organization banned in many countries around the world. Now that we have these names out in the open, we need to find more details of who these people are and then bring them to notice of the proper authorities.

    Please help the people of Sri Lanka and its diaspora around the world to get rid of this scrooge once and all. Go to the wikipedia page, look at the names, if you have any information concerning any one of these, post them here or send us a private email at Lankans Against terro with the details. Please remember to give us any URL´s, and any published documentation which we can attribute so the information is credible and stands inspection.

    Join us in publicizing this page, our twitter account ( our user page ( and our anti-terrorism group page ( We will soon start petitions to be sent to governments, letters to major western newspapers and will start a major advertising campaign here in Facebook.

    We need every bit of help. Make it count!

  2. Me-shak said:

    Impotent, lol 😀 I completely agree with you on this matter. I was in Paasikudah two weeks ago, and my oh my, It’s really ugly, not the beach, but the surroundings 😦 It’s really sad to see people ruin this amazing place 😦 I guess it would have been better in a twisted sort of way if these beaches were not discovered and only the ones who really knew about them would have access to them 😛

    I assume the outburst of tourism is already happening. The Colombo Hotels have a occupancy rate of a 100% now for more than 6 months at a stretch. It’s best if the government invests on proper infrastructure to accommodate all the tourists and handle the waste management efficiently.

    Excellently written. Looking forward for more.


  3. Chavie said:

    Good post. The lack of any long term foresight in these matters is worrying, but hopefully the government will take necessary action. And parallel, citizen groups (like BB and their Project Act) need to convince more people at ground level to have a tougher stance on pollution and conservation.

  4. I don’t think the government is concerned about tourism at the moment. Development seems to be priority as it’s what they’re devoting all their time to at the moment… The tourism ministry should definitely take an initiative and do something to preserve these places and heritage sites because it will help in the long term, after all tourism is one of top revenue haulers in Sri Lanka.

  5. N said:

    The tourists on Pigeon Island infuriated me. Here you have world class coral reefs (though somewhat depopulated of fish due to the rampant dynamite fishing in Trinco) where you can actually snorkel with sharks and you have a bunch of philistines who want to take a ‘sea bath’ and throw polythene around. In a place like Costa Rica, Pigeon Island would be a reserve for scuba divers and snorkelers, its not even a nice beach since it’s all broken coral. Right…rant over…

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