Violent if not for Vesak

– a darker side to celebration

When you think about it, life is really simple. I haven’t been writing much lately and i am not sure if it is a case of writers block even. Sometimes you get tired of commentary, of having an opinion, of having to tell people your opinion, an having them come back to you with theirs.

Its easier not to think. everything is subjective, everything changes when you look at it through another man’s eye. Even justice, in this torn land of ours, is subjective.

i was on a train to trinco a night ago, it was packed and there were people sitting on the floor. now obviously, this meant that anyone walking through the throng attracted a number of tsks and had to apologize for accidentally kicking people in their faces. which is fine. Its a crowded train and a ten hour ride, you cant blame people for trying to make themselves comfortable.

i was aroused from a fitful slumber by some guy shouting. He was flaying some poor Tamil guy with his tongue. I knew he was flaying a Tamil guy because he was talking about ‘us’ and ‘you’ and how ‘it was us that brought about a situation in which you can live peacefully’ and ‘ you should be grateful to us’. He didn’t stop there however, and went on to say how under normal circumstances he would hit the other man ‘if it wasn’t the day that Lord Buddha was born’. I wonder what the Lord Buddha would have thought of that.

I have great respect for the philosophy of Buddhism. Getting back to Colombo i was observing some sponsored Vesak banners carrying slogans like ‘patience is a virtue’ and ‘the road to salvation is through observance of the faith’ and i was thinking of how similar some of it’s teachings were to my own faith. We all belong to faiths that preach good things. Even atheists claim to follow a fundamental moral code. But i swear, we can be such assholes to each other despite all that.

Maybe it is all economics. If we all had what we wanted we wouldn’t interfere in anyone else’s business. When we have unlimited wants and limited resources we seek to eliminate the competition. And the easiest way to do that is to pick on superficial yet irrefutable differences based on beliefs and culture. But while economics can provide the problem, it cannot provide the answer. Resources will always be scarce, differences will always be there.

Bleak thoughts but maybe not. On an aside, our train services could really improve.

  1. It saddens me when people attach holy sentiments to unholy intentions. It happens though, regardless of which religion we’re considering. We all have a lot more in common than we care to admit (good and bad). I dunno if it’s economics, or ‘survival of the fittest’, or just a massive popularity contest, but the majority of us seem intent on belittling others in order to assert our superiority. Sorta like a school playground. I think it’s more common with those who are religious more by name than by virtue.

    I don’t think there is an answer.

  2. Loshini said:

    race, religion, language, nationality… too many differences to count, and each a reason to whack up another man. timely post – for me at least

    ‘Sometimes you get tired of commentary, of having an opinion, of having to tell people your opinion, an having them come back to you with theirs’

    couldn’t help commenting anyway 😛 have a nice day!

  3. Me-shak said:

    I believe the guy who was blabbering in the train is one of those guys who wants to become the Alfa mail kind person. Would have sounded like a real ass, and would have pissed many people off. Like pseudo said, I don’t know why the hell they want to attach all kinda intentions to their faiths. He was really sensitive about his faith he wouldn’t have even raised his voice. May it was what the play was all about. I really do hope people will change how they think and be more broad minded. have respect for their faith and search for a brighter and a peaceful future. Excellently put to words. Looking forward for more.


  4. Chavie said:

    Like Pseudo said, we all seem to be intent on belittling others. And racism is just one of the means to that end. Even if we get rid of racism, I guess people will find other ways of doing it.

    Like being an iPhone user and an Android user, I guess! 😀

  5. Richie said:

    Well, Prophet Muhammad thought nothing of slaughtering 600 Jews, so what do you have to say about that? Hmm..

    • Whacko said:

      When was this and what war are you referring to?

  6. Deathrow said:

    Kind of an extremist title for the blog rite? “a darker side to celebration”

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