Hunting by Proxy

I have often wondered why we work. Having to work for a living may make us fell part of Civilization, a part of the world. It may make us feel like we’re Contributing to Society but all it does is make us animals in the end. We’re all just animals.

Dreams when i was 18 imagined myself at 25 wearing Prada suits, working in London, climbing the corporate ladder. I’d roll with catwalk models in BMWs and be a young prodigy set to become CEO at 30.

Looking back at me when i was 18, and comparing him to me now. The only difference is that i think differently. people don’t look at what they can do for the world, they only look at what the world can do for them.

In economics, the Invisible Hand does just this. It takes self interest and makes something that is for the collective good; like business. Businesses start out of self interest but through providing access to cheaper goods and services, they make lives better. If a system works properly then self interest helps the collective whole, at least, it doesn’t hinder it.

That is the way of nature anyway, the lion hunts to feed, the deer dies to preserve enough grassland for the rest of the herd. Are freemarkets natural systems then?  I guess they are as close to natural as we can get, barring certain abominations like banks. But are human systems ever completely natural?

This train of thought takes me to thoughts of political systems and the Sri Lankan one in particular. Democracy is meant to be a market system. Where demand dictates supply. But its inefficiencies make it the worst market system imaginable, and not only because there is such a time lag between matching the needs of the people  with governments or because the accuracy of matching needs depends so much on the intelligence and morals of the people elected, its a system where companies control consumers; an enforced monopoly of sorts. Politically, we are barely into the Mercantilist era.

 I suppose in Sri Lanka democracy and governance is not looked upon as a market system at all. Maybe thats a problem. But thats an interesting train of thought to follow up on, maybe later.

Back to a company. Which is a money making machine, working in one makes you a cog in the machine, in a sense. I am however a bit tired of being that cog for now, and need to experience something more hands on. Working here has made me feel a little hazy. There is like a mist that has settled over my mind that refuses to dissipate.


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