When Aliens give you Nuisance Calls

…A prick on the other end of the line telling you to check if your fridge is running is the last thing you’ll need to worry about.

A killer call is spreading around. A neighbor says. She is over sixty, a grandma. Very nice lady. This morning she rings our bell and asks if my mom is around, she’s not. Then she tells me to relay the following warning to my mom.

27 people are dead! there are calls going around that kill you somehow. Tell your mom to be careful when someone calls on the landline, tell her to wait until they speak first. You never know right. From what i hear, they wait for you to speak, and then a subsonic blast pierces your eardrum and melts your brain and you’re meat friend, MEAT!

well, she didn’t say that last bit in quite so many words, but that was the gist of it. Some people very close to her had relayed the warning to her. Yesterday evening it was four people dead, this morning someone told her it was 27.

now she is not crazy mind you. and even she didn’t seem to completely believe it. but she believed it enough to come over to warn my mom about it, very kind of her.

I remember last night my dad mentioning that someone at his office had mentioned getting an e-mail warning people not to pick up calls from numbers that start with 9 (or something).

Maybe it really is aliens running amok among us. Maybe they’ve got a sick sense of humour. Maybe their star went nova while they were on assignment over here and now they’re trying to wipe us out by calling us one by one. Or maybe the government is trying to wipe out dissenters. OR maybe its the lightning.

Daily Mirror News Alerts just tells me that the TRC has just issued a statement saying that ‘An SMS making rounds urging mobile users to beware of calls from some mobile numbers saying it could harm the brain is false’.

Maybe i should go tell my neighbor, I wonder if she’ll believe me.

  1. Jerry said:

    If it is indeed aliens, they’re probably seeking revenge for us broadcasting mahagedara and the like to the whole galaxy.

  2. Hayah said:

    Sounds like a movie plot in da making! On the lines of da Japanese/Korean (dunno which) horror movie ‘Missed call’, set in r vry own lanka!

    Gather enuf evidence (n testimonies such as the 1 above) nd ul b famous! (if a call dosent kill u b4 dat 😀 )

  3. Chavie said:

    LOL at Jerry! 😀

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