Popping Pills

Chill pills, that is.

I am at a point where i’m making some big life decisions as a friend would put it. Calling it a life decision rather displaces the whole thing into what i like to call white objectivity. Only purely because such thought seems to find a lot of origin in Western philosophical teaching. This is the type of objectivity typified by a materialistic, temporary, ‘just-do-it’ view of life. But it also makes the description fit rather well because i too am a materialistic, temporary and just-do-it type of person.


We are all materialistic, temporary and just-do-it people. We are materialistic when you define materialism simply as acquisitions –  removing the condition of actually owning something tangible. What is ‘tangible’  itself takes its definition based only on human perception. Achieving a higher state of mind therefore, can still be tangible to the mind and in it wanting to be possessed by someone it is also materialistic.

We all want something. And that makes us similar. A Seven Series and nirvana may seem two broadly different things, but striving in the direction of what he wants is what a monk has in common with a business executive.


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how temporary human existence is eventually. The realization hits hard when it comes but is easily forgotten. Even Iron Man, faced with a potentially fatal chemical infection, muses on how short life is. But then of course he miraculously discovers a new element that can cure him and synthesizes it out of thin air using nothing less than the lab equivalents of cutlery. Then he’s back to lasering drones and driving Audi sports coupes, all thought of karma destroyed in dreams of immortality. Im sorry of i spoiled the plot but if it makes you feel any better, the movie has good stuff in it that i haven’t mentioned; like a killer performance by Mickey Rourke.


Sometimes we all just do it. faced with decisions that can go either way, the gut gives us direction and we move. overall that might be a good thing. But some baseline of a direction or plan is necessary. Just doing a jump off the rooftop of the world trade center may be spontaneous, but that’ll prolly be the last jump you ever do.

So pop some pills, sit back a little, life is not really a race to see who can make the most money; it’s something else. Some chilling will help us find the answers, at least, some chilling will help us figure out in which direction the answers lie. Seeking them out could be a whole different story but some contemplation and reflection never killed anybody, not directly at least.

  1. Like where your thoughts flow. A little perspective in life doesn’t hurt & neither does smelling the roses along the road, once in a way. Like you said, it never killed anybody 🙂

  2. lauren said:

    i’m honored that my comment somehow contributed to the catalyst of this train of thought–which is a good train of thought to be having for sure. i admit, i was a little skeptical at first–materialism, impermanence and just-do-it give the initial impression of the amalgamation of the Neo-liberal market capitalism, Buddhism and and identity through consumption/branding ourselves (which, in this po-mo world you may be fine with, but i have some problems identifying as such). i’m still trying to see how exactly the phrase “life decision” leads to white objectivity, but i’m willing to follow you there if you take me. i’ve never felt that any of my “life decisions” were “objective” or without any outside interference, yet they definitely have been affected by being white.

  3. @roam- unless the rose you sniffed had a bee in it and it went up your nostril. It’d then sting the back wall of your pharynx causing it to swell and you suffocate to death :mrgreen:

    @Halik- Apart from the fundamental desire to gain something, achieving nirvana and owing a 7 series is very different… From what I’ve gathered you seem to be trying to equate ‘desire’ and ‘materialism’… but desire is a broader term… 😐

    It’s like sets… Desire would be a subset of materialism.

  4. TP : Quite an interesting abbreviation you have for me 🙂 Ye, well unless it happens the way you explained it 😛

  5. Jerry said:

    I do stuff for well, continued comfortable living.

    If doing X action for Y years ensures I can live in Z state, great. All the better if X action is something I enjoy doing.

    Living out of corporate bondage seems unappealing.

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