Voting for Nobody

I didn’t vote at the last elections. And no, i didn’t meet with an accident, i just couldn’t be arsed. I didnt vote and i feel good. And this post is a little late, but meh.

Voting is a method of approving the system. By going out and voting, you are basically saying that you endorse what’s going on. The government wants you to vote precisely for that reason.

So take a *cough* hypothetical situation; you live in a country where the constitution is a farce, the politicians are corrupt and the leader so authoritarian that ‘democracy’ can only manifest itself in an acid enduced hallucinatory trance.

In a place and time like this, lets assume that it didn’t matter if you vote for the opposition, because integrity is an arcane concept to all of them. They’d simply switch sides when they got into parliament and sell their ‘principles’ for a few million. So your vote means nothing in the end. Your vote won’t swing things your way because your ‘way’ is not represented – hypotherically speaking of course.

So then what do you do? Endorse whats going on by going out there and casting your vote blindly? Spoiling your vote and destroying your chances of spoiling the election? not voting?

Or taking to the streets and fighting? Or staying home and watching Burn Notice?.

  1. I stand by what I said… By not at least spoiling your vote you’re be showing them that you’re apathetic or that you’re yielding to their corrupt ways because you’ve been numbed into stoicism. Or worse yet, have them believe that you are afraid.

    Btw, theme thief! 😛 At least I’ve tweaked the design to look better 😛

    • Whacko said:

      Spoiling the vote spoils the chance of the only constitutionally recognized means of protest, the majority not voting.

      That being said, i am no theme thief! urs looks way different anyway..

  2. Chavie said:

    Hey do you know what the minimum percentage of ballots cast that makes the election legit is? 😕

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