Instead of Killing Akon

All this talk of killing Akon makes me want to yawn in spite of myself. I’ve heard too many people wanting to kill other people mouthing off. Killing people may not be the answer. But then that depends on what the question is.

If Akon is waging a war against Buddhism through a sustained campaign fuelled by malice or simply because he hates saffron, the Dalai Lama etc then yeah, maybe you need to kill him. Cos that’s what opponents do in a war if peace talks fail. But then peace talks are mostly just a farce and most wars end by means of arm twisting. Nvm.

But Akon, as far as i know, does not fund a full-scale military/propagandist offensive against the religion of Buddhism. All accusations these kill Akon groups level against him centre around a Buddha statue used in a video of his. Now i understand how that can be offensive; to have a couple of scantily clad ‘ho’s’ dancing around something you consider to be sacred, and if someone did that in a mosque I’d be pretty pissed off too.

But going berserk on the news that he is to perform in Sri Lanka and threatening to kill the guy is not going to help anyone. Least of all the Sri Lankans. Right until I heard about this insulting Buddhism angle, I was under the belief that it was only the metal heads who intended on doing any killing. A friend suggested bombing the concert to get rid of ‘all the dumb people in Colombo’. Metal heads can sometimes suffer from superiority complexes.

Anyway if peace is the ethos of Buddhism, why not organize some peaceful non-testosterone driven demonstration or something to show Akon that Buddhists won’t take the way he used a statue of the Buddha in his video sitting down? That should serve the purpose of making the man realize that he is hurting feelings and that he should stop yeah?

I know I know, not very glorious no. And not very bloody. And a bit boring as well. But it might be just the solution they’re seeking. Someone said that the recent attack on Sirasa TV was motivated by anti-Akon sentiment. Some people say all this has subversive political intonations, but I promised my mother I wouldn’t write politics for a while so I will refrain from speculating on that angle.

It’s sad to see these elements use the name of Buddhism to achieve their own ends though. And its sadder to see people who call themselves Buddhists following them. I’ll be going to see Akon if I get my hands on a ticket insha Allah. I’ll probably even be waving my lighter to ‘Mr. Lonely’.

  1. Chavie said:

    Hiphop ‘artists’ should dieeee! 😉 (sorry, superiority complex) 😀

  2. John said:

    Excellent point dude, I couldn’t agree more. People need to take a chill pill and get their head out of their asses.

  3. I agree. I wonder where these so called strong buddhists learnt that violence is the right answer.

    I’m not a big fan of Akon but a massive scale concert like this would really do good for the country. Seriously people need to just fuckin chill!

  4. Dee said:

    hm same thoughts I see. Just one thing, “around something you consider to be sacred” viz “Akon degrading buddhism” –

    “there is a long tradition in many societies of kneeling and bowing. These postures of humility symbolize that one is open and ready to turn one’s life over to something or someone outside of oneself. When Buddhists kneel before an image of the Buddha, they are not worshiping an idol. In fact, the posture says more about the people kneeling than about the image being knelt before.

    Buddhism is not about some pie in the sky, out there, after death. Instead, it is a path (which is not necessarily incompatible with other spiritual paths) to a good life, here and now.”

    And that’s that. 🙂

  5. All in the name of religion, my foot. I suppose the people aren’t used to the concept of peace yet. And they picked the stupidest thing to go apeshit over.
    Honestly, a controlled protest would be the best solution, not violence. We’ll soon be called the land of the extremists if people won’t stop thinking like terrorists.

  6. Naveen said:

    Saw an interesting comment on a friends profile
    “We banned ‘Satanic Verses’, we banned ‘Da Vinci Code’, but we don’t have the guts to ban Akon”

    there is some sort of a point there, but personally i think Heavy Metal Rules 😛 \m/

  7. N said:

    Buddhism in this country is a load of crock…I’ve had people who call themselves true Buddhists say beating elephants to get them into line for the Pereraha is ok because it’s for ‘Buddhism.’ I believe in the path of Buddhism and I do my best to follow it. I have no idea if that makes me a ‘good Buddhist’ but the majority of the people who call themselves ‘good Buddhist’ are anything but.

    This country could do with no politicians and a lot less priests.

  8. Scrumps said:

    It’s just the irony in wanting to kill Akon from people of a peaceful religion that astounds me!

  9. ad@m said:

    Well……. What good did throwing a hand grenade do at the Sharukh Khan concert……. He made his money and innocent Civilians. i.e Sri Lankans (may it be Buddhist, Muslim, Catholic, Hindu, etc…) were killed……
    Are we trying to repeat the same thing……
    If you have an issue demonstrate…. Right a freaking article…….. but don’t dare threaten to kill … that’s for Cowards….
    No religion talks of killing people let alone Buddhism……. Buddhism is all about peace and tranquility ….. I am not a Buddhist but I have heard many stories about how Monks try not to step on ants, etc…. and here we have Monks who get into politics, stand on stage and lie, disrespect others….. Take money for “Vashi Gurukam”…. Is this Buddhism……

  10. Arshad said:

    excellent one…

  11. Rohith said:

    AKON? That name I heard only when it was said he was coming to Sri Lanka. When the goons attacked Sirasa under the pretext of his concert I paid more attention to his music and I somewhat liked it. And our fools are insulting Buddhism and promoting Akon. I am a buddhist too.

  12. Ajay said:

    No offence man, but Muslims are the last people who should be telling Buddhists how to react…

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