Intellectual Terrorism

They say that we are a people prevented from exercising our free will when it comes to saying what we want to say, doing what we want to do and basic tenents of freedom that we are entitled to are trapped under a mire of ever spreading intellectual terrorism only half heartedly still maintaining its disguise as a fake brand of patriotism.

At least, this is what it seems like from a certain light. From another angle all seems rosy and sparkly and well oiled. The country is ‘united’, the bad seeds are dead and we are on the brink of a Parakumba esque era. The steady flow of economic benefits going away from the common man to a priviledged few is concealed under this happy veneer and the loss of basic freedoms are tolerated. The people are in a trance like state.

How can anyone assume that they are always right? That any dissenting views cannot be tolerated? What logic supports these arguments? Yet a vast majority of the people side with these lopsided views and the rest keep silent in fear of repercussions.

Maybe people have a tendency to believe blindly without reason in reaction to this shadow of force and fear that is applied behind the subtle wave of propaganda that is denouncing all dissent to the powers that be. The people here are the people’s very own worst enemy. Sounds like something Orwell would write about no?

I have heard people talk about some detention camp meant for people who talk shit about the government online. Isn’t this against the basic rights which we are supposed to have as human beings? This should be unconstitutional but that would only be the case in a nation that upholds the rule of law. Therefore this is nothing short of terrorism and I, as a blogger who is in fear of writing anything lest it pisses off the government, am terrorized.

Governance in this land saw its steady decline since governance started in this country it seems. Fuss-budget has a good write up on the whole thing at LBO, I strongly suggest you read it.

  1. You’ve asked how anyone can assume that they’re always right…surely that applies to you as much as the next man (who may or may not be in a trance-like state of patriotism)? By ‘you’ I don’t mean you personally…just a collective term for those who express the same view as you. And it’s not that I disagree with you…I’m just being devil’s advocate here.

    • Whacko said:

      You’re right, individuals (and like-minded groups) always tend to assume that they alone are correct. But i meant the above morein the context of a government. An institution like the ‘constitutional government’ should be open to dissent and diverse thoughts by definition

  2. Chavie said:

    sigh, when people wake up and smell the shit it’ll be too late, and all the people who’ve been shouting about the stench all along will all be lying in a prison somewhere, the ones who didn’t end up with a bullet at the back of the head, that is… 😐

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