Disintegration into the Hills of the Aftermath

Surrealist (or what i like to call surrealist) writing or free form writing has taken a back seat in my usual fare. The need to write in this self adopted new fangled form of pseudo serious journo/factual blogging style has made me feel tied up by preventing me from excercising complete free will when i write. This is once aspect i miss when i think of the days when the Lair was my regular abode to let loose in. Maybe it’s called self discipline. Maybe i was way too open when I wrote on the Lair.

The Lair, like a room lived in for too long, developed its own claustrophobic feel. It had accrued too much of luggage and clutter that couldn’t be thrown out. And eventually i sought to escape its shadowy insides for a while. Its been a good few months now and i hardly ever feel like returning there. Maybe i never will.

So yeah, thats pretty much what I wanted to say. This is a selection of the various header pics I’ve had on the Lair over time. Vote for your favourite.

New Age



Me ins ins

Year End

  1. Chavie said:

    Love the first one! 🙂

    I hope you return to the Lair once in a while. Enjoyed your posts there! 🙂

  2. lmao, without a doubt, the best is the fourth. its the perfection explanation of you:

    wacko,idealist and rebel with fluctuating levels of maturity and insanity confounded by the boundaries of society, norms and religion.

    and yes i have to go around with comments like that coz im not allowed to blog lol

  3. Third one. ‘THE’.
    1. It’s easier on the eyes. 😛
    2. It was your header when I first stumbled on your blog… and for a long time after… So, it’s kinda what the ‘Lair’ is to me…

  4. I’d vote for the third one for the previously mentioned reasons… but will vote for the 4th… ya know… just cause!

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