A Discourse on ‘Extremism’ in Pakistan

*the following was taken down almost verbatim during a presentation by a group of Pakistani delegates and the lingo is a bit rushed. And i being a Muslim have my own thoughts on this wave of global terrorism that branded ‘Islamic extremism’*

The root causes of the conflict in pakistan are very diverse. Our biggest challenge is extremism

Who are they? They are those young people who have nothing in life. They are well trained and very well equipped, this is done by outside interests. By those people who wish to destabilize South Asia.

A lot of talk tells of how they operate against nato and icf forces. But they also operate against the centers of gravity of regional power

They use means like luring in the young. We have several activists working in cities that are tried to be lured into extremism. They give you USD 200, an AK 47, a satellite phone etc. These are the minimum wages. This is how they rope in our young boys.

They have sophisticated systems that are capable of jamming
communications of whole army convoys. They have weaponry that is virtually undetectable by army systems.

The deals for explosions are made in Dubai. People who want an explosiom or ten in india have only to pay half a million to the broker in Dubai.

Pakistan has the highest amt of persons per household; 9.3. If a mother has six sons; 2 are moderates, 2 are Taliban and 2 are pro govt. What happens to that mother? what happens to the smallest social unit? They create splinters within the family on purpose. The social family fibre has been all but crushed in Fatah.

No one can have a radio in the car or watch tv. First you are taxed. Second time offenders are killed.

Madrasas are the biggest breeding grounds for this (madrasas are traditional Islamic teaching schools, but the word is used to describe centers that propagate terrorism here, a common problem that persists with nomenclature – Halik). Families have 8 kids and if four or five go to the madrasas they will get fed and educated. And therefore the family is relieved of some burden. There are over 18k madrasas with abt 2.5 mn students.

Over 6 mn have been displaced over the course of one year. On 4 to 6 percent were offered refuge at the time. There are now over 1mn host communities who have been extremely supportive to the IDPs. Over 30k were killed and over 50k are missing.

Terrorism in the guise of ‘extremist Islam’ is currently being exported to other parts of the world.

There is no establishment at the government level to counter the psycho social effects of terrorism and preach the proper form of the religion.


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