Peacebuilders aren’t so bad

The answers to corny questions like world peace and happiness lie in answering corny questions like the purpose of existence and life.

Im at a gathring of peacebuilders, activists and humanitarian workers and have already been embroiled in a couple of intense discussions on religion.

Accusing religion of causing conflict is an ill thought out argument in my opinion but promoting inter-religious understanding and active civilized and intellectual debate on the subject is a good thing.

maybe peacebuiding will have a future if it can find genuine ways of getting poeple to confront the most fundamental and sensitive divisions separating them genuinely and intellectually..

But of course in any debate, sensitive topics are usually avoided. As was made clear by the slightly taboo treatment of religion in the classroom. But as usual with any scene like this, there is more learning to be had from good frank conversation with other

Peacebulding and peacebuilders aren’t that bad. They try and seek out commonalities to try and conquor differences, but this ssometimes leads them to forget the differences entirely, and often diffrences are the stronger driving forces in conflict.

peacebuilding may seem like idealistic hogwash to the uninitiated; just listen to a passionate peacebuilder and his superordinate goals and u will wonder at the 70s flavor of it all.

But most of them know where its at; that a world completely without conflict is impossible. Indeed, thats almost a fundamental premise. But to aim for the stars is to at least end up on the coconut tree, they say. So u can hardly not forgive the idealism of their approach.

  1. i think idealism is a good thing. to have ideals and to have a society that still yearns for them is a healthy sign. when a society starts to devalue these ideals, laugh at them and cast them aside as unrealistic and therefore irrelevant i think that’s basically the sign that the world has lost its (at the risk of soundin corny) heart. ideals are at the end of the day also ideologies and i think only good can come out of constantly perpetuating and singing till the cows come home and inserting into the world ideologies like peace and love and non-violence. for instance peace should always be an ideal that we strive for and uphold rather than something like the necessity of war. same with violence. and often what happens is getting real is equated with settling for the way things are or for settling for something that we justify in our heads as a necessity (like the death penalty or war). and so humanity slowly beings to lose its humanity. i don’t know whether i’m making sense… most likely not. 😀 but basically those hippy weed-smoking John Lenon types really were on the right track when they were crooning “imagine all the people living together as one.” we should IMAGINE. be the dreamers. the moment that stops…what you get i guess, is Zombieland. have you watched the movie? it’s a funny version of I am Legend, imo.

  2. magerata said:

    Peace can come from understanding that all people are the same. It is a long way off in this world where one thinks he / she is superior to others, (in many ways, money, color, knowledge etc) But group of people like peace builders think that they are alike, at least in some aspects. At least you learn to respect one another in a gathering like this which can spread even further, when you return to your respective countries.That is a beginning! One day when we have achieved peace, you will be known as pioneers. Peace

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