On Kashmir

Kashmiris are a pissed off bunch of ppl. When Pakistan split with India they were ruled by a prince, who was a Hindu, so he in 1948 decided to side with the Indians.

But Kashmir, being an almost 99% Muslim state. Protested in ernest. At first to be shifted to be under the banner of Pakistan and then for autonomy. Even though Pakistan is accused of egging on militarism and supplying Kashmir with weapons, a Kashmiri fellow trainee tells me that ‘those boys’ who went to fight did not do so for Pakistan.

The interesting thing is that most militants started off as non voilent protests. Rasheed, a journalist and a passionate Kashmiri, once did a series on the children of militants, who had initiated non violent means of activism against what they see as forced indian imperialism.

The scene is this, Kashmir is the only Muslim majoritarian state in the whole of India. An India in which there is still shadow racist sentiments in certain quarters asking Muslims to move to Pakistan if they cant handle things here.

So Kasmiris dont want to be a part of an India that doesn’t really want them. Although india seems hardly likely to let it go, it has vetoed several UN resolutions on the matter already.

Neither do the Kashmiris want to be a part of Pakistan; preferring independence instead. At least that is the sentiment of the
overwhelming majority.

Most people accuse the instability in regional coorporation being caused by the Indian-Pakistani conflict. And a lot of them believe that a strong SAARC will not be possible as long as this rift lies between its two biggest members. This conflict will remain as long as the autonomy of Kashmir remains an issue.

  1. Nimal said:

    There are a lot of pissed off people in India. The thing is that India has been quite successful in selling itself to the world as a model democracy when the truth is a little less straightforward. There are MANY separatist groups in India and not a day goes by without someone getting killed due to either the separatist group itself or the conduct of the Indian security forces. Another hotbed of separatism is in North East India. Then there is the festering problem of naxals who are estimated to control upto 30% of India (!!). Add religious riots, caste clashes and a desperately poor and illiterate population to the mix….

  2. Chavie said:

    Free Kashmir! 😀

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