Kathmandu Street Eats

Chop pronounced (sh)cho…gh. Mashed potato with spices, fried. What vadey loving sri lankan can resist? They are basically a sort of a flat boanda. With a nice crispy exterior. Extra oily though.

I think the guy fleeced us by charging 5 rs Nepali for each piece even with my new nepali friend (whose name also requires some twisted tongue to pronounce) doing the asking, but it was worth a try. Dhanyabad!

  1. O_O you and Vade sellers… You seem to think they’re all out to get you, whatever corner of the world they’re in! 😛

  2. Jerry said:

    Hahahahahaaa yes 😀

  3. Hayah said:

    Couldn’t complete reading ur Nepal posts, so coming back for more…

    Did u try Momo’s (dumplings) by any chance?? Best eaten steaming hot with a topping of tomato sauce 🙂

    • Whacko said:

      damn! i think i missed that. they sound delectable

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