Nepal is being reborn and its quite amazing. They snatched the country away from the monarchy in 2008 and the formerly militant Maoists won a majority.

The maoists subsequently resigned from parliament but an interim government was formed which oversaw the election of a six hundred strong parliament; the constitutional council.

The members of this council are from all walks of life; Its got shopkeepers, housewives etc. Some of them are even illiterate. And just to be clear only part of them are elected, the rest of them are appointed by a quota system based on proportional representatoin.

The Nepalis are big on proportional reprsentation. Thats kinda a good thing cos they have around 58 different ethic groups who are ‘registered’ and over a hundred in total. apparently there is no majority ethnic group.

They are now drafting a new constitution, and i find it fascinating. They have declared themselves a federal state and are currently in the process of finding the best way to divide the country! Wth!! Lol.

Im laughing cause im shocked of course. Here is a whole country getting together, trying to recognize its separate ethic groups and make sure they are properly accomodated in the formulation of their new future.

My Nepalese friend Swagat works for an organization that gathers information/input from groups of people that are marginalized and impacted by conflict. He particularly focuses on women and youth.

They probably recognize that a biased and rushed job now could cintribute to serious problems later on. Maybe they looked at the Sri lankan case study…

Even the Maoists actively participate in the process of developing the constitution, despite their having resigned from government. Of course everything is not rosy and there is a lot of disagreement and dissent and the whole process has been going on for a long time. But the point is that it is going on.

YNepal is a poor country, but they are all getting together here to try and create a richer future. That’s a lesson to us Sri Lankans im sure.

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  1. Chavie said:

    Wow… Looks like these guys are way ahead of us on the route to dealing with ethnic issues and national unity… I hope people in this country realise this, and understand that we have a long long way to go… 🙂

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