The Walls of the Sky

The flights to Nepal were mundane enough. Found a prayer room at Bangkok and put a nice nap. Watched ‘talented mr ripley’ on the flight to kmandu; matt damon was one devious bastard. Managed to bag a window seat on both flights.

But the mundaneness (mundanity?) abruptly ended when i saw the himalayas.

at first i thought they were just another bunch of mountain shaped clouds looming in the distance but then i realized these clouds loooked a little too solid to actually be clouds.

The plane then started banking at steep angles and the mountains were suddenly at the top of my vision, at the pinnacle of the sky itself, looming out of a white mist that closed up the space inbetwhen The valleys and lesser hills below. They gave the sensation of literally being as tall as the sky, and no picture I could take (no picture even Jerry could’ve taken) was able to justify the grandeur of the sight. But I took em anyway

  1. Your transit was all the way in Bangkok? 😕
    That’s going completely out of your way to get to Nepal… Makes more sense to get to Delhi and take a flight to Nepal…

    Well the picture certainly has captured some of the grandeur… It looks amazing!

    • Whacko said:

      Delhi transit is a bit more expensive and/or takes more time for transit, or did at the time they booked my flight.. It looked stupendous when i saw it from out the window!

  2. Chavie said:

    Amazing pic man! whoa! 😯

  3. Jerry said:

    I’ll bet I could’ve done it… :p

    hopefully one of the sinhalaya trips will be to the himalayas 😀

  4. Whacko said:

    thanks chavie, and yeah you can do it when we land on the tip and make our way down like bear..

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