A friend telling me why she needs her job to keep putting more and more pressure on her. It ‘keeps her on her toes’ and ‘keeps her occupied’. No doubt, it keeps her from spending too much time thinking thoughts she’d rather not be thinking.

We are a brainwashed generation. That said, we are a brainwashed species. There is so much we can learn from old people. An ex president of the Bankers Union, retired, giving a speech at the inauguration of his niece’s Rotaract Presidency with all the aplomb of addressing the president of the World Bank. Where have all his achievements gone? You can see it in his eyes. Not loss, but a sense of being lost.

When you are old, the only difference between you, the retired bigwig and that old beggar on the road will soon be merely the clothes you wear. You ran and ran and thought you were winning, but then you both end up at the same finish line, at the same time; the end of your lives.

Yet the instinct of us the young is to drown thoughts eating at the edge of our consciousness with wave after wave of the present. Push it back, push it back and it will never haunt you. But as our life erodes and our thoughts erode along with it; the rush of unconscious thoughts suppressed through the years come pushing back. May be it wont be too late at least then, if we recognize them for what they are.

The dream is living. The truth is beyond perception sometimes, so we seek to solidify our dreams. Hoping, praying (without admitting it) that they are really real.

  1. Chavie said:

    Good post! There are some that argue that to be content is to die, but I think otherwise. One should try to run as fast as the others, but one should also know where he (basically everyone) is heading…

  2. Jerry said:

    What’s really real is all in your head.

  3. Your career is your life. Do not fuck up. The world is a hard place so we must strive to survive. Fuck that.

    There is a fine line between existing and living. Most people forget that. They strive so hard to succeed they forget how to live in the process. The dream is to live. Live the dream.

    Sira post!

  4. Hey man… not everyone is a drone. But yeah sometimes drowning yourself in work is a good strategy.

    To me your life experiences are all you are going to have in the end as well as your achievements. What those are is up in the air.

    Yeah in the end we all meet the same fate… we die. But it’s what we do up till that point that matters. We can’t take wealth and other valuables with us like the Egpytians, just our memories and experiences.

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