The  Katmandu Valley

Is where i will be for the next couple of weeks or so insha Allah. Primary motive is to go for this training, and no it is not a course in advanced mountain climbing unfortunately. But something equally useful. Thinking of taking a few days after it to look around a bit.

Maoists are declaring autonomous states and generally stirring up some trouble in the region. The weather on average days im told is around 12 degrees celcius. But the nights get cold, and i think they mean the testicle  shrivelling variety of cold.

Tourist arrivals are generally down these days on account of the trouble, but this is the peak of the season. Yetis i hear are not as common as your average Tintin comic will have you believe. But their feet are big. And furry. Questionable facts which bear no relevance here whatsoever.

The Katmandu Valley has one of the worlds deepest bungee jumping spots at The Last Resort. I might try it if i have the time and think it worth the $80 *ignores mutters about mental barriers from ST crew*.

It also has three main minikingdoms that boast about 130 monuments; Katmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan. There are 7 world heritage sites in the area. Kat city was somewhat of a destination for hippies in the 1970s i observe and was proved right when DeeCee tells me to hang a flag of hers at Boudhnath. A flag i haven’t recieved yet.

Will try and do some blogging when im there. Im hoping to take a hike for a couple of days and try out some biking as well but that will all depend on cost and opportunity. My guidebook tells me there are no end of things to see and experience in the valley so why not just go and see no?

I will be reachable on my regular phone if i can get my roaming activated on time. Will get a line from there anyway. Or else i’ll probably be active on the net so e-mail, tweet or facebook me if anything urgent. Or not so urgent, a man can get lonely all alone in the mountains 😛

  1. Ooh exciting! Have a safe journey and have fun! Re the biking/hiking stuff, keep in mind that the temperature and the altitude will affect your fitness. But yeah, definitely take a few days to explore!!! Looking forward to lots of descriptions and photos!

  2. Dude, you’re going to be too busy avoiding Yetis to be responding to emails and tweets! =P

  3. Chavie said:

    lol, what Megs said! 😀

    Have a good trip!

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