The domain,

the travel site,

the er… blog.

So we finally went and got our own domain. Good stuff i think. We have quite a few posts from our past travels in the pipeline as well as some interesting contributions to put up. lately it seems that we’ve been traveling at a higher frequency that we can write, hence the build-up.

All that might change in the future, who knows. The year drags on and lives get filled up with education,  work, babies etc. But squeezing out a day or two for some hills and beaches of Sri Lanka shouldn’t be too hard I guess.

We started this somewhere back in August when Zaki and i badly needed some time off; spontaneously jumping into a bus or train with only a vague idea for a destination being something  we’d been planning since A Levels (along with moving to the UK and buying a van like the one in That 70’s Show but i think the logistics failed us), such a small thing, but we did it only when we were 24.

We’d been making friends with a whole bunch of people from the blogsphere then and a quick series of calls swelled our little traveling party to seven or so.

The idea to write about traveling came up through one of those chemical accidents that happen when a group of writers start traveling together (must be) and so Sinhalaya Travels was born. Though its mostly just Jerry and me doing the bulk of the penwork, or keyboardowork right now.

A Sinhalaya is anyone who has travelled with us on any of our jaunts. I shall list down our kill list below

ZakiJerry, Fallen, Realskullzero, Unsilent, Papareboy, Meg, ArunaThushara, Maneks, Indi, Lasantha and Aqram

That’s 14 people so far.

On the way we found some great places/things to eat, sleep, wallow, cycle, wade, hike, climb, ride, negotiate, camp, set fire to, get bitten, plead, laugh and get mildly tense at. Good times.

  1. Naveen said:

    Awesome guys! this is great!!

    • Whacko said:

      lol actually i added him few seconds after i published this the first time

      • lol and you linked me to himals blog #complaints 😛

    • Whacko said:


  2. N said:

    Congrats! Babies?! Really?

    • Whacko said:

      one never knows :p especially with the likes of Himal and Aruna involved

  3. It better not burn out! With the publicity you’re getting on THE best newspaper in SL, Sinhalaya Travels is going to be more popular that ever before! =P

  4. Chavie said:

    oooh, neat! 😀

    so, is closing down?

  5. Awesome… wait I was forgotten?

    Oh this entire sucks! LOL

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