Interview With a Blogpire

A friend had a few questions about blogging, I reproduced my answers here.

Why do you blog?

I dont know really. i ve always felt this urge to write and i get a kick out of people reading my stuff and telling me what they think. Blogging serves this purpose well.

Why do you read blogs? What do you look for in blogs?

I read blogs for entertainment and information. Bloggers can also give a unque perspective to happenings in the news and happenings outside the sphere of mainstream media. Blogs are also informally written and do not conform to the ethics of traditional media. So they are always a refreshing read

5 blogs you like and why.

From Sri Lanka. there’s cos of his diverse topics and cos of his ability to make a post out of almost anything. Sinhalayatravels cos its an effort of me and few others, Jerry’s blog cause he is funny and i like laughing at him his jokes. Kirigalpoththa, another great travel blog. There is Cerno who always has something interesting up his sleeve and more blogs i could name. In addition to these i read a whole list of other foreign blogs that deal with a myriad of topcs.

5 blogs you’d recommend to a non-blogger (a complete newbie to all this) and why.

The blogs listed above. to get an idea of how the blog scene works in Sri Lanka. Lady Divines World is also a good blog for a beginner to get an idea from. There are also Sinhala blogs listed on Kottu and the Sinhalabloggers aggregator

What do you think of the SL blogosphere?

I think its very diverse and fragmented; a lot of people writing about a lot of different topics. Social networking platforms like twitter and aggregators like Kottu and Acchchaaru help to bring them all together. And that is the most important thing. For any blogs to flourish it needs input and feedback from other blogs and vice versa. They call this the ‘link economy’ in new media jargon.

What would you say to a Sri Lankan who has no idea about the blogosphere?

The blogosphere is made up of individual blogs. Blogs are websites that anyone can start for free very easily and write about anything from neuroscience to what your dog did at the beach last saturday. You can even be anonnymous and share your deepest secrets and fears with understanding strangers or insult other people and criticize politicians invisibly if that’s your thing. Anonymous bloggers who like to hate on other bloggers are usually called trolls and are generally looked down upon. Unless of course they are extremely funny or possess some other attractive trait. Its all very relative

The downside of blogging?

Saying things that you might regret later. Being outrightly direct has no real place in the real world unfortunately. And Blogs can give you some respite from this. Its a place of free expression but one has to take precautions that this freedom is not abused enough to stretch the bounds of the society you live in. Especially as you become read more widely and if people know your true identity. Of course, if you want to stir some trouble up this is also an upside.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Ive pretty much exhausted my vocabulary thanks! People should blog. Writing sklills aren’t important. The important thing is just saying what you want to say. It can develop you as a person. And increase the flow of free information.


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