F*ck the Po-lice

Take some time to reflect on the arch incompetency of the police force. They are increasingly becoming more and more arrogant as the already flaky police becomes more and more uncontrollable.

There is red tape everywhere. The OICs create their own rules and even more red tape to add to the already disgraceful state of affairs. I recently went into lodge a complaint and had to visit 2 different police stations on three separate occasions with no result. The law is the backbone of a nation. The citizens depend on it. Unfortunately the law in Sri Lanka is a premium product. Available only to those with the money/power/ influence to get it.

Officer’s have next to no respect for ordinary citizens. Instead of seeing themselves as servants of the community, they see themselves as its overlords. Their very perceptions of why they exist is all wrong. The police is drunk with power, like all Sri Lankans seem to get when a bit of it is sent their way. They should all watch Spider-Man and learn something about responsibility.

This is in addition to the wasters at the petroleum corporation and other organizations striking for wage hikes. Everyone knows they don’t do a stick of work. Most of our tax money is going into maintaining incompetence and wastage. They are the branches of the problem demanding more leeway from the root; the government, the system, the people.

It’s because of the incompetency of the public servant (from the politician to the cop to the official at your DS, with the possible exception of your teacher) that the public is suffering. They (the public servants) are the intermediary that creates the conditions that is needed for the state and the public to function in harmony. They are the meat in between the slices of bread that is the country and it’s people which together makes the whole of Sri Lanka; the sandwich. Currently the sandwich is full of rotten and cancerous meat. Not a very healthy sandwich.

  1. Chavie said:

    good post! 🙂

  2. maf said:

    Good rant but what is the solution? we are great whiners but little in the way of providing practicable solutions..

    I would ask MR to put GotaR in charge of the police for 3-5 years. see the professionalism in the armed forces now after he took over – i think we have a very professional army now on par with the best anywhere even way before May 09. over the course of the last 3-4 years i have really noticed a change in the little i interact with them. the police are a bunch of jokers and i give them very little respect. my contention is they need to be smartened up as well and the man to overhaul them is GR or SF if he is unemployed after the next election…

  3. no problem with most of post .

    but i do think you should be more specific and less generalized when you attack someone or group. for example with names , police stations etc. it is rather cheap to tar everyone in police with same brush .

    or are you saying everyone in police deserve all you say about police? really ?

    • Whacko said:

      Its a corrupt system that allows for such large scale corruption and mislandling of ‘the law’. so yeah. everyone in the police deserves it. Cos the police deserves it. its constructive criticism.

  4. DD said:

    Interesting really. Are you just saying what is already known, so what is the solution.
    When you consider the levels of police corruption in other Asian and African countries we don’t have it that bad.

  5. polkadotsnpearls said:


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