Is pretty much the Mahinda regime’s economic style. Everything is geared to help the farmer, at least within the confines of the silver-tongued one’s silver tongue. Taxes on basic goods that all but cripple the people are said to be tariff protection to ‘protect the farmers livelihoods’. This is of course, utter tosh. And we dont even have to go down the road to discern the long-term damages that tariff protections cause to find out why; most goods that are taxed heavily aren’t even produced here. So which farmers are we protecting then?

This was the answer that was almost violently espoused at last night’s Rupavahini televised press conference when a reporter dared to ask the president why, even after the war was over, were some essential goods still being taxed heavily. The president responded with what i can only say was a babble of words strategically designed to fall directly into the cultivating proletariat’s heart that totally and uncaringly bypassed the  intelligent listener in the form of utter BS.

All i could hear were weighty words like ‘village’, ‘ farmer’, ‘fertiliser subsidy’, ‘farmer’, ‘village’ etc. The question asked bore no relation to the point of the answer. Indeed the answer had no point. It was a surge of propaganda from the leader’s mouth designed to provoke an upsurge of gratefulness in the hearts of villagers who grow things, arguably the class of people the larger majority of the country are affiliated with.

But that same majority are even worse off due to high costs of living. And could they be really stupid enough to be duped by heavy words and disconnected theories to explain away their strife? The president is basically telling us that by increasing our costs of living, he is increasing our wealth. If he is right, then socialist-farmernomics is the end-all revolution in economics. And im a burnt scarecrow.

  1. Sigh…see if we had a proper Opposition, they would point out to the short-sighted public the flipside of tariff protection, and map out what they’d do differently to increase the wealth of the working class without jeopardising the livelihoods of the farmers.

  2. Chavie said:

    and even their fertilizer subsidy is utter garbage… the ‘Mahinda Chinthana Sahanadara Pohora’ that they give is below quality and doesn’t produce sufficient yields… just ask any farmer in Rathnapura and you’d understand how dissatisfied the villagers are with the government programmes…

    Sadly, the opposition isn’t connected with anything that goes on outside Colombo city limits (or even inside it to be honest!) to notice…

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