The Bimbo-Intellectual

Some people are total bimbos man. Now i know that ‘bimbo’ is mostly used to refer to a woman who is a tad slow on the uptake, but i am not necessarily referring to the same here, although they fit this category better than men do for some weird reason. Perhaps because male bimbos are simply bimbos and nothing more. Now before you get all feminist and start calling me a sexist, don’t. Hear me out.

So these bimbos right, they exude total bimboism on the outside but they are all studying to be lawyers, doctors, business people etc. They appear to be efficient at what they do and can rattle away intellectually and are interesting people. But crack a sarcastic joke or a self-effacing remark, and they don’t get it.

Is there a defining line between brains, intellect and tube lights?

  1. B.I* said:

    Haha. I know quite a few people who would agree with you and so many people I can’t help but thinking of when I read this. Nicely done 😉

  2. LMAO!

    “bimboism” FTW! 😀

    Yeah Ive been there buh then they dont get it even after repeating it and they spoil the entire joke. -_-

    & go take a glimpse of my Twitter profile “Bio”. 😀

  3. Dee said:

    meh mokada meh?

    you know, tubelight starters 😛

  5. Chavie said:

    haha people have called me a tubelight too… 😀 but most of the time I pretend not to understand the joke just to piss them off… 😉

  6. seanhenricus said:

    I knew a couple of girls who told me that they ‘put on’ the bimbo act because it attracts more guys… as opposed to discussing string theory (they were both physicists ay Uni).

    • Whacko said:

      Devious! hmmm so that leads to the question as to whether guys really ARE intimidated by intelligent woemen, or are women simply inseure about their intellect?

  7. T said:

    I think it’s the difference between book smart and street smart. Some may not ‘get’ the lingo or pop culture references and jokes. Also depends on your sense of humor no? those with a sarcastic sense of humor are generally more self-deprecating opposed to those who take themselves really seriously.

  8. Nice Anon said:

    Its a thin line between insanity and genius. When they lose it they tend to write about Bimboism on their bogs. What sayeth thou?

    • Whacko said:

      lose what, insanity or genius?

  9. Angel said:

    I agree about it being the lingo. Besides, the best jokes are so subtle, you have to hit a mojority over the head before they get it!

  10. chamira said:

    An intellectual doctor is an oxymoron, surely?

  11. The mistake is to assume that people studying for vocational qualifications such as law, accountancy, business, banking, engineering and the like are capable of original thought.

    This is not to say that all members of these vocations are equally dull, there are exceptions and those who read and take an active interest in areas outside their narrow;y specialised field of study will be quite interesting people.

    A an education focused on a specific vocation rarely taxes the mind because there are few really difficult concepts to master.

    The really taxing concepts are to be found in the pure sciences and in the fine arts. Accountancy or law is child’s play compared to, say, the concept of the standard model in physics.

    The specialisation that such and education brings, although very good from the point of view of getting a job, is also not conducive towards developing different modes of thought.

  12. pp said:


    ever stop to think that maybe the problem is your sense of humour and not their’s?


    • Whacko said:

      no :p

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