Gay Profanity

It surprises me the amount of people there are out there who claim to respect gay people but still use the word ‘gay’ as a derogatory. Like that show is gay or those pants are uber gay. amazing phenomenon.

on an unrelated note, my appearance on the kottu print edition got me no end of lecturing at home. all about how i shouldn’t diss the president directly and how i should watch out for kidnappings and assault etc. i felt like a right royal down and dirty street fighting journalist, almost like Dinindu De Alwis. So thanks indi. Here’s to more newspaper write ups.

But seriously, my experience and Ahamed Nizar‘s probably shows how much fear there really is out there when it comes to speaking up. we might hapr about how much this is a free country and still a democracy but the government’s fear machine has done its job well. Its targeted the people strategically.

anyone who speaks up or talks about the powers that be in anything other than flattering terms is a walking dead man, or thereabouts. big brother is watching you, or in this case, a whole range of brothers, and a son or two to boot. now im not saying that really happens, there are much worse things written in the papers about the prez than what i jotted down, and obviously my mom panicked because it was me who wrote it, but still.

Orweillan take on opression of free speech

Orweillan take on opression of free speech

  1. Jerry said:

    See, like I said before. You might call someone a pussy but you certainly don’t not like said word do you?

    I use gay as an insult. It doesn’t mean the target is homosexual. A tv show, for example, could be gay but surely it has no sexual preference? The word is used as just an insult. It has lost all meaning.

  2. Duude…yeah agreed watch out for the Machine!!

    @jerry LOL …

    • Whacko said:

      ghey? lol

  3. man some ppl are paranoid without a reason.

    what is more that irrational paranoia is cited as evidence for ,
    doubting it is not “a free country and … a democracy”
    and “the government’s fear machine has done its job well. Its targeted the people strategically. ”

    do these ppl understand their idiotic logic. lol

  4. yeah you are right. gotta watch what you say in this island. stupid white vans and what not. if not you get booted into jail or get arrested for something you haven’t done. The government has its own terms, and they say this is a democratic republic… right.. we elected them fools to run this shit, and now they are running us right? Point is that we did this to ourselves, to our own country, but electing politicians who don’t give a toss apart from their self growth and how to make their pockets bigger.

    Also. it’s Dinidu de Alwis.

    Cheers babe.

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