Good guys also get paid

Prize Money

Prize Money

But not much. Most high-profile heavyweight bouts, tennis matches and golfing tournaments have bigger purses than this. And millions nowadays are mere pittance. But these kind of prizes are important cos they encourage the less glorious aspects of human endeavor. They reward things like good governance, peace building efforts, good journalism etc. A lot of anti status quo work is required to achieve something substantial in many of these areas and most of the winners probably deserve the glory and honor heaped upon them.

There should be more of them imo. Most careers center around corporate activity and most non corporate activity centers around political agendas, which are by no means altruistically motivated. There is no established structure that provides financial reward for human interest work; probably because such incentive may actually detract from the purpose of such work in the first place. But these prizes play a valuable role in motivating and encouraging some good people through the potential for glory they represent.

so futewuh to them.

(Picture lifted from The Economist)

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  1. All these days i thought Nobel offers the highest prize money!

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