Girls with Balls

When it comes down to it, you need balls for everything. Without balls you are nothing. and being nothing you cant really do anything can you?

These huevos are imaginary of course, you dont have to be male to have them. I have known several ladies with bigger balls than most males.

They may look timid and act like the whiny woman that your gut instinct tells you that they all are somewhere deep down, but when the time comes and the place arrives and its do or die, they still turn on the determination lube and keep going.

My grandma for instance, is one hell of a ballsy woman. I’d be twice the man i am today if i had half the balls she has. Hopefully i will one day. I know its a compliment, but i don’t know what she’ll think if she reads this.

The thing is, i think balls are generic and not sex specific. There are ballsy guys and ball less men with just a namesake hanging between their legs. Similarly there are ballsy women and non-ballsy women who deserve their biological fate of emply space down there.

Anyone can grow balls. Believe me, iv seen girls grow them too. Its just a mental thing.

Have you grown yours yet?

  1. In the process 🙂 Good post. Your Grandma seems like a great woman.

    • Whacko said:

      Thanks, she is actually

  2. Foxhound said:

    The girls already had balls to begin with, they just never showed before.

    My balls are always there. You can’t grow a pair… there always there. LOL

    • Whacko said:

      er. right, ok. 😀 perhaps each off us must embark on a deeply personal mental journey to find them?

  3. You seem to have far too much time on your hands… 😐

    The term ‘balls’ is well… a term! It doesn’t have to be taken literally. And I think you already know that 😛

    So I’m just going to assume you’re terribly bored.

  4. chaarmax said:

    So, an Eunuch can grow a set of balls, even after he’s been castrated? :p

    • saliya said:

      Wibur Smith – River God. Eunuch with mega balls

  5. Whacko said:

    The Puppeteer – yes i am, actually. and yes you’re right. Balls is a term. everything is a term.

    Fallen – insightful

    Chaar – of course! tell your ‘friend’ he still has hope 😛

  6. “My grandma for instance, is one hell of a ballsy woman. I’d be twice the man i am today if i had half the balls she has”

    I couldnt stop laughing myself out over that!

  7. Haha funny.Especially since Iam feeling extreeemely ball-less today.sigh

  8. Perhaps everyone does have balls, but more often than not the balls are merely ornamental unless a situation stimulates them 😉 What I mean is – the most innocent person in a crowd can perhaps be the most ballsy person when his interests are at risk of being disturbed – chase an innocent kitten with a stick for miles and it will run for miles, threaten it within a confined space with the same stick and it will attack!

  9. saliya said:

    I think that women call it “Iron hand in a velvet glove”. One ballsy Sri Lankan woman I have seen is Dr.Kamalika Abeyrathna, lady doctor who got aids infected during a blood transfusion at the Karapitiya hospital.
    1.Each weekend the entire family would go down south , the car packed with medical supplies to run a free clinic.
    2. Her car was hit by a train [Sri Lankans know that this is normal]
    3. She was given a blood transfusion at the Karapitya hospital and the sample was infected with aids.
    4. She went public when it happened and gave aids patients a voice.

    Amazing woman !!!! Definitely had girl balls.

  10. sabbyaz said:

    “…whiny woman that your gut instinct tells you that they all are somewhere deep down”
    Oh really?! -_-
    And yeah, it’s a mental thing. All in the determination =)

  11. realskullzero said:

    Hehehe….everyone has balls, but the question is how big they are..!! 😛 LOL

  12. Your granny going to be very upset because you don’t have half the balls she has…LOL

    Great post and comments of saliya and aufidius were interesting

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