Does Foreign Assistance Matter? A public lecture

The American Centre will hold a free public lecture next Wednesday. The topic will discuss the economic benefits of foreign aid. The speaker is Professor Arnold Harberger; colleague of the late Milton Friedman, co-educator of the Chicago Boys, and the discoverer of Harberger’s Triangle. Now i’m no expert on Harberger’s triangle but safe to say he’s pretty big in the economic scene and the chance to hear him speak is an opportunity that we in Sri Lanka should in no way miss, if we can help it.

Registrations are limited, so call or e-mail the AC  asap. Parking, unfortunately, will not be available. I was told that the Professor will not be speaking on Sri Lanka specifically, owing to a personal policy of not speaking directly on the country that he is speaking in; but questions can always be asked. And if he’s any good at making arguments and dodging hardballs as his late colleague, we should be in for an interesting evening.


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