AHA! so it WAS the LTTE!


Some blew off theories connecting the LTTE to the shootings at Lahore as nothing but fantasy, but new evidence has ‘surfaced’ that it may actually be the truth.

Mahinda Rajapakse has told Yousuf Raza Gilani (while chilling in Libya – probably over a poolside pinacolada) that ‘clues’ have been uncovered pointing at the LTTE’s involvement in the grisly March shootings.

And Gilani promptly went and told the media. Although i’ll be darned if i know why Mahinda didn’t tell us first, the discerning citizens of this land; we who stood the most to lose at such despicable disrespect towards sporting personalities. Or maybe he found out when he was already there. Like that time when we won the war.

But this is great news for Pakistan though. With one less  smear against their name, there is less reason for international cricket teams to refuse to visit Pakistan. Because Pakistani terrorists don’t shoot at cricketers, Sri Lankan ones do, or Sri Lankan ones did; before they got wiped off the face of the earth.

Meanwhile, trade relations between Sri Lanka and Pakistan escalate to ever greater heights. Hurray for politics!

  1. However, we have a terrorist who is starting potato operations in the form of Rameez Raja! ;P

  2. Whacko said:

    i am yet to become fully aware of this particular brand of terror 😀

  3. Oh yeah? Well he comes up with the most stupid soundbites such as ‘In the super – over, super things happen’ or this one

    Arun Lal – Oh, what can Kolkata do about Shaun Marsh? He seems to be plundering them around the park?

    Rameez Raja – Let’s make him the King of Punjab! :S

  4. Whacko said:

    oh shiz you’re right. That’s terrible!

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