Taxi Driver, Blogger, PHD.

Yo WTFBBQ! may be among the first few reactions anyone would have when confronted with such a phenomenon. You know, like; A taxi driver you say? and a blogger? ah that’s nothing new! New York is filled with guys like that!

What? so he’s from Singapore. So what? different city… What? The man has a PHD? from STANFORD UNIVERSITY?


Actually he was a bio engineer something at this massive firm and got laid off work a couple years ago. His chances of finding a new job in research plummeted after the Great Recession hit and he decided in a bold career move to start driving taxis.

The man started blogging to alleviate boredom. And probably to try and infuse some intellectual adventure into his life as a taxi driver. Global Voices Online has a sort of critical analysis on the whole case.

Check his blog out, it’s got details on where to find Thai girls in it. And a wealth of other cultural information (rambleramble..)

  1. Jerry said:

    I see you’ve taken OMGWTFBBQ to heart 😛

    • Whacko said:

      yes its most appropriately expressive

  2. Aney don’t remind me of my future career options 😛

    • Jerry said:

      hari hari we all know you have a PhD 😛

      • Not yet I don’t 😛

      • Jerry said:

        Fine, you WILL have one then. Show off 😛

  3. Whacko said:

    im sure you’ll be sorted out fine. so long as Big Pharma doesnt collapse. theres always India as a final resort.. 😛

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