Porn and Mobiles; the politics of subversion

The power of distraction is not to be underestimated. Politicians always try to divert the public attention in order to prevent uncomfortable questions from being asked.

Take the US for instance. the question of Gay rights and the right to Abortion (pro life vs pro choice) has long been at the fore front of most pre-election debates and campaign speeches. Subtle collusion between campaigners have led bigger and more problematic questions such as health care and the economy to the back seat of the people’s conscience.

That is, of course, until the recent election, where the pressure was just too great for health care or the economy not to be discussed. But it was still talked about only in a very superficial respect. And months after Obama came into power, little is yet seen in terms of concrete ‘solutions’ to these problems.

Mobile phone bans and pornography restriction always manage to get our panties up in a bunch. We see them as things that threaten our most fundamental of rights. The right to freedom. Be it to speak, to jerk-off or whatever. It is much the same with  abortion or gay rights; two relatively unimportant issues that are sufficiently debatable enough to create strong public discourse, thus deterring the attention of the ‘intellectual classes’ from more important subjects like corruption and the economic future of the country.

We vote pro life, and anything else comes second

We vote pro-life; anything else comes second.

  1. porn on mobiles?
    dude that is like SO 5 minutes ago
    porn on flash drives!
    futeweh xD

    • Whacko said:

      actually its porn and mobile phone bans. not porn on mobiles 😀 but yes, porn on flash drives IS the latest thing.

  2. well…i dont think pro-life or pro-choice matters are much concerns over a presidential election in U.S, and infact they are issues that needs to be dealt with at some point…

    • Whacko said:

      well they play a pretty significant role in US politics and public opinion. more importantly they create almost zero policy impact on most major corporate and other concerns, so the more prominent they are, the better for the status quo. when the public is strongly divided along clear lines on these issues, stress on other issues is unneccessary. Victory will either go to the liberals or the conservatives. and everyone is happy

  3. Dili said:

    SL-wise, this stuff isnt entirely unimportant, its small bright flames like these that spark bigger fires with bigger consequences.

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