Absurd on-screen

i was watching ICE AGE 3 the other day and some furry creatures suddenly fell into a pit of bubbling tar. Thats not the absurd bit, that kind of stuff probably took place all the time in prehistoric times. They probably had a mother of a public awareness campaign to stop it.

Even the floating bubbles were not that absurd. While the non physcs academia/ professional (i.e. the layman) may not find the concept of a bubble of gas lighter than air emanating from such a pit absurd, what he will find absurd (provided he is not stoned out of his mind) is the presence of a heavier than air squirrel with sharp claws floating a few feet off the ground inside said bubble.

I was not stoned out of my mind at that moment. So i noticed this. This blatant insult to all human knowledge physical. This violent thrust at the very guts of Isaac Newton himself. This, this… i cannot continue, i am spluttering too much.

Well not really. I am familiar with cartoon-esque absurdities you know, i grew up from 2 feet tall watching woody and road runner achieve mass feats of practical impossibility over and over again. But at that moment, as everyone around me crashed around laughing, i felt strangely disconnected.

Humans have a fascination with the fantastic. Yet they try and remove almost every element of it they possbly can from their daily lives. Instead, they reserve their hours of recreation to dreams of impossibility; helping to spawn and maintain a whole stand-alone industry.

  1. PseudoRandom said:

    But it was sooooo cuuuute!!! 😀

  2. Anonymous said:

    see man you need to switch off ur brain sometimes. it seems that the inability to do this has refrained you from enjoying a simple thing like a cartoon.

    • Whacko said:

      but why switch off your brain when its meant to be used?

  3. realskullzero said:

    …welcome to the world of entertainment…

  4. Jerry said:

    AHA! WordPress! Finally!

    Good boy!
    *pats head*

  5. Dili said:

    Out of all the ridiculous stuff in those ~180 minutes, THIS is what u walked away with? O_o

    • Whacko said:

      No well i enjoyed the movie alright 😀 still, i thought the first two installments were better.

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