The Holocaust in Gaza and Brainwashed Jews

Courtesy; Tehran Times

What is the world doing about Israeli war crimes in Gaza?

Last December Israel launched a massive assault on Palastine comlpetely out of proportion to attacks from Hamas, the Palastinian instigator.

Over 1300 palastinians died including more than 300 hundred children, while 13 Israelis died; only one of them was a civillian.

5300 Palastinians were injured; mutilated and amputated. It was reported that 80% of them were victims of burning phosphorous bombs.

Over 20,00 buildings were partially burnt or damaged and the UN reports that around 50,000 people are now homeless.

The Israeli assault targeted everything from shopping centers, schools, media organizations, public buildings, religious buildings, medical centers to private homes. farms were targeted along with their animals and hundreds of acres of food crops were completely destroyed.

Even though they were given exact coordinates to UN buildings they must have got the wrong message as to what to do with them because they went ahead and bombed UN schools repeatedly; killing about 45 women and children in the process.

Bodies of children were found with several bullet holes in them, indicating that they had ben shot at repeatedly in a ground offensive obviously only meant to target ‘dangerous militants’

They used interntionally banned weapons like phosporous bombs, DIME and depleted uranium.

They’ve done all that and are still escaping persecution. What is the global community, that so easily clamped down on the Sri Lankan government’s shoulders during and after the last stages of its war against the LTTE, doing about the indiscriminate Israeli massacres in the Middle East?

Is the Israeli lobby really powerful enough to have the whole of the US under its thumb?

How can a nation supposedly nursing the wounds of a holocaust upon its own self instigate such a cruel slaughter of another people so easily?

Is there a philosophy driving this? Sort of a superiority complex embedded into Israeli education that justifies the killing of other innocent human beings to it’s people?

Hitler drove the Germans to merciless assault through his Fascist teachings of Aryan superiority, what’s similar seed has been planted in the Jewish system?

  1. PseudoRandom said:

    "Is the Israeli lobby really powerful enough to have the whole of the US under its thumb?"


    As for the oppressed becoming the oppressors…we've seen it happening in SL, in the way the LTTE treated non-Tamils in the North and East. I suppose the easiest way to overcome oppression is to cultivate a notion of "we deserve better than this", but this then transforms into a notion of "we are better than them".

  2. TheWhacksteR said:

    yes, well that question was slightly rhetoric:) they say that u can question God in the US but you can't question Israel..

    As for the chages in sentiments argument, it is a bit absurd to me. The Israelis were not opressed by the mid eastern nations until they set up their residency there under controversial circumstances..and it was them that did most of the opressing from day one afterall

  3. PseudoRandom said:

    Haha I hadn't heard that one 🙂

    Well not *that* absurd…if I'm not mistaken, hostilities between the communities go back a bit no? The Jews were first oppressed in Europe, then appeased by Europe (via the formation of a Jewish State), thereby giving them the superiority complex. Then they find that there are Palestinians in their new home…combine the history between the two with the Israelis' new-found sense of entitlement, and the Palestinians become ideal targets.

    I'm aware that that's a gross simplification and my knowledge is rather hazy, but to a complete outsider that's how it looks to me.

  4. TheWhacksteR said:

    well yes, it looks like Europe unloaded their problems on the mid-east. Upon being installed in a jewish state, the palestinians were promptly expelled and the jews completely occupied Jerusalem.

    Many thousands more were killed in the first and second intifadas (87-93, 01-06) or 'shaking off's; the killings of women, children and other heinous war crimes have always been a feature of israeli assault. always gone unquestioned.

    Imagine Hitler had he been allowed to continue doing what he did to the Jews? Even Hitler rose up against them due to sentiments of 'opression' he felt at their hands.

    such sentiment as you describe, i can definitely see how they may arise within the colletive conscience of the Israeli people. But for it to go on so long?

    they either have to be blind to their government's actions or support them wholeheartedly

  5. PseudoRandom said:

    Regarding the intifadas…I think attacking 'innocents' has been a key feature of a lot of assaults in general. I'm not sure why the Israelis have gone unquestioned though…maybe that's something that deserves investigation? I mean why is everyone so seemingly scared of Israel?

    And yeah, it is scary that it's gone on for so long. I suppose you can't underestimate the power of brainwashing though :S

  6. TheWhacksteR said:

    well thats easy, they have more power than anyone else. they have vast interest in US and global business especially in banks. jewish bankers are a cliche for a reason you know.

    they also control a lot of the showbiz and media giants to a great extent.

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