Great Links – 03/07/09

Sri Lanka’s Public Sector: Scamming the public. From LBO – Sunk tax revenues, corrupt and inefficient state organzations, who needs Sakvithi with a public sector like this?

Freakonomics, Why Skinny Stays in the Picture – Muscular men get more sex. I.e. they are more attactive to females. Therefore nature should favour muscular men, and scrawny men would vanish over the course of time. Right? not so right. find out why.

Real Struggle in Iran – What really went down, a fresh perspective. And why most of the big media and twitter warriors would consider hari kiri, if conjecture were a crime to be ashamed of, and if they were Japanese. Thanks to Aufidius for the heads up.

Karl Marx, The Future Results of British Rule in India – Marx’s predictions of the outcomes of British rule in India. Well worth a read..Thanks to Brad De Long for the pointer.

Economix – Aaaargh-onomics – The economics of Pirates, nuff said.

Fortune, Dumbest Moments in Business, mid-year edition – And Its still just the middle of the year…


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