The 85th Death Anniversary of Lenin

But who really gives a fuck anymore?

Socialism is dead. It is so dead that even the Russians dont practice it anymore. Its strange to see posters about it on Sri Lankan walls though..

19th – Martin Luther King day. He had a dream! of a free country. Of equality, of black people living in a united America.

20th – First black president comes to power. In the United States! A free and equal America is finally realized and undeniably proven to the rest of the word

21th – Death of Lenin, a kick in the face of the last big ‘enemy’ of the ‘free world’

You are dead. We are alive and stonger than EVER! look out Iran and Islamic Fundamentalism.

Am I too conspiratorial or was it all just a calenderial coincidence?

1 comment
  1. nifraz said:

    yeah… who really gives a F@#$ about lenin

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