Dictator Rising

Watch out people. If we’re not too careful soon this island could turn into a dictatorship. I am not saying it is now, neither am I saying it is definitely heading that way but look at the signs.

A quick look at the ingredients for a healthy dictatorship.

1) Consolidated power base – Gee, I don’t know, like maybe family members holding almost all the positions of real power in the government

2) Winning the war – One thing’s for sure, if the war is won when Our beloved President (OBP) is in power, that will be the final and most impactful element he’d use to secure;

3) The Army – Win the war and you’ve got a highly loyal army standing around doing nothing. Easy peacy job it’ll be to use them to counter any public uprisings and to ensure a,

4) Trounced opposition– Ranil is old news man. the masses don’t like him anyway. The opposition needs to be vamped up, but they’re fast losing power as it is and have done next to nothing to stop the existing government from doing exactly what it wants..

5) Support of the masses – things were different when the presidential elections were held. Ranil almost won that and most say that if it wasn’t for the North-East voting block he’d have been the next president but no matter, the war is going good and public sentiment is strongly in favor of it, therefore we can safely say that the support of the masses at least by a lean majority, lies with OBP. When the war is won, he’ll have them eating out of his hand.

6) Disrespect for the law – Supreme court anyone? or the suspension of the constitution? I mean it’s only the effing constitution after all.

And finally and most importantly

7) A Passive People – we don’t give a shit as long as our bellies are full yeah? we’re not going to take to the streets if we can just as comfortably sit on our couches and watch other people do it. Like I said, the masses will be taken care of, and if the masses are not angry enough, the revolution wont happen.

Mix it all together with a generous dose of lies and treachery and viola! instant dictatorship. Pretty soon you and me will find ourselves done with the ‘war on terror’ and fighting a war for democracy. Bon appétit.

  1. kasun said:

    Dead right, that threat is looming more than ever before after the recent rulings by the SC

  2. Anonymous said:

    Boy am I glad I am not the only person to have seen this. When will the rest of the country wake up?

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