LTTE declares ceasefire for the duration of the SAARC summit

Now wait a minute, why are they getting all excited? The governmrnt is whoring the whole country to the summit as it is, i mean, whats in it for them?

The general opinion seems to be that they are scared shitless of offending any of the nations coming down for a visit here. So while the governement tightens up security and makes up roads and gives the visiting countries the feather cushion of luxury and prays and hopes to god the LTTE does not do anything silly and make ma-hinder look bad, heres the LTTE playing right into our hands and saying ‘ Aww c’mon, do you really think we’d harm our fellow SAARC nations? we’re not THAT bad, look here, we’re going to declare a ceasefire just to reassure you’

hmmm.. will somebody please enlighten me?

  1. realskullzero said:

    Well its quite obvious isn’t it..remember during the early 2000 when Jayasikuru was launched LTTE had a similar one-sided ceasefire?? Actually what they want to convey is that they are for peace,and what more better time to do than during an international summit which brings all the regional leaders and some international media attention on the country.

    i think the defencenet readers have threaded up along discussion on this matter….

  2. realskullzero said:

    actually jayasikuru was during the late bad..;)

  3. TheWhacksteR said:

    thanks Realskullzero, i did check the link out. mighty long discussion woth a lot of useful points in. interesting.

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